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    Anyone from or know about dartford area

    Hi everyone, I am about to start as a trainee train driver next month. Unfortunately, southeastern doesn't give parking permit to trainees. As I live in Essex, I have no other option other than use my car. I did spoke to recruitment and was advised to have a chat with my manager when I start...
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    GTR or Southeastern advice needed

    Hi guys. Need your help. I have already been offered a trainee driver job with southeastern starting in July pending medical which I am not worried about. I have also been invited for a managers interview with GTR. I am a bit confused as to attend this interview or not. Both companies have...
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    Southern recruiting trainee drivers again Hmmm, so what about the candidates who are waiting for the DM interview results!! Passed or failed? Apply again or not? Confused. Though it clearly states 'If you...
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    Any help

    As i m very new to this site, can anyone let me know what is the difference between a depot and a mainline driver. (depot driver especially). What kind of task does it do? Any idea/advice will be very helpful for me to step into this industry.