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    Gatwick airport with zone 1-4 travelcard

    I have an annual london zone 1-4 travelcard on oyster. I need to get to gatwick airport from cental london next week on friday mid afternoon. What is the cheapest route? Should I just use my oyster card to pay or is there a better / cheaper ticker I can buy? There seem to be so many options...
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    Rail compensation vouchers on oyster

    I have about £250 of rail vouchers sent to me over the last year by virgin trains as compensation for various late trains on my annual season ticket over the last months. However I'm not going to be renewing my season ticket as I'll be living in London instead. Is it possible to put these...
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    Delay Repay rules?

    Yesterday I tried to catch the 18:33 from EUS->RUG using my season ticket but due to the unfortunate incident at milton keynes it was cancelled as were all the other trains around that time. As it was unclear how long the delay would be I went for a long walk and got food and got back to the...
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    WCML season ticket renewal & closures.

    It's time in a week or two for me to renew my annual season ticket from Rugby to London. Will I get a discount to the price as the line will be closed at Watford for around 20 days during the year and I'd object to having to pay for those days?
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    What do train drivers do?

    This is a genuine question that I don't know the answer to. I'm aware it could sound patronizing or dismissive of the job and is not intended to be so in any way, I want to find out the answer! But I don't know how else to ask it. What exactly do train drivers have to do for their job? It...
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    rugby to birmingham new street via coventry

    Looking up prices for this journey I see that some but not all of the tickets on offer say "via coventry". I've not seen that before, is it new? Plus what other route could you take anyway, there doesn't seem to be any reasonable option other than the direct line that goes through coventry anyway
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    Strange prices

    Looking to travel from Rugby to Birmingham International tomorrow (saturday), returning on Monday. The prices seem to be £7.10 for an off peak virgin trains only return ticket, and £6.10 for an "Anytime" virgin trains only return. Which seems a little strange. The off peak one is less flexible...
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    Rugby to Clapham Junction on season ticket to london+1-6 zones

    Does a season ticket from Rugby to London zones 1-6 cover going to Clapham junction via a southern train changing at milton keynes? I know I could go to euston then get underground to victoria and train from there but this route sounds like something different to try :) But I'm not sure if my...
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    1st class virgin trains season ticket prices

    I have a rugby->euston season ticket standard class which on the calculator costs £7652 with underground and £7216 without, a difference of £436. I'm looking at upgrading to first class but when I look at the prices they are £12760 and £12024 with and without underground for a difference of £736...
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    How busy is weekend virgin trains 1st class?

    Thinking of travelling from birmingham to rugby this evening 1st classinstead of standard class because I want to get some feeling if I want to pay the extra for 1st class for my normal much longer commute from rugby to london as it's a lot more money I want to see what the seats are really like...
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    Who gets season ticket money?

    If I buy a yearly season ticket rugby - london, is there any difference who gets what money from it depending on where I buy it? I presume the station or website I buy it from gets some money for selling it, but is it a small fixed amount or a reasonable percentage of a large amount for a...
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    Poster on the underground

    On the underground I see posters that say something like "How to spot a ticket inspector - they look just like you". As this is an official poster, and is fairly unambiguous, presumably if I'm asked to show my ticket by anyone who doesn't look exactly like me I'm perfect entitled to refuse as...
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    Validity of tickets when lines are closed

    Sometimes when my line is closed due to some problem (euston-rugby) they make an announcement that tickets will be accepted on other lines to St Pancras or Paddington I think, depending on where the problem is. Obviously this would help a great deal going to Birmingham or north of there but...
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    Underground train behaviour at Moorgate station

    I've noticed that at moorgate underground station on the metropolitan line that trains alway come to an almost complete standstill about 2/3 of the way down the westbound platform before starting up again to get to the front of the platform. The trains always seem to do that there, and I've...
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    When is a Rugby-Birmingham Off Peak Day Return valid?

    Hello, I have a question about ticket validity. I have a Rugby-London season ticket but tomorrow evening I want to travel to Birmingham instead of Rugby(and then back to Rugby late evening). So I bought tickets from Rugby to Birmingham planning to get my usual train to Rugby and then get the...