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    IEP at Colton Junction

    Here's "Azuma" 800101 at Colton Junction: VTEC HST: Colas Class 70 on a Tyne Dock to Drax working...
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    Guardian columnist suggests vandalising Southern stations

    The wisdom of Polly Toynbee: Good grief!
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    47s into Manchester and Balfour Beatty 20s on the Durham Coast
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    Kings Cross mainline to Victoria Line

    I did this interchange recently, for the first time since the Underground station was rebuilt. It seemed like an awfully long walk, mainly down a long straight corridor. I didn't mind the walk particularly, but I wouldn't like to be late for a train at the mainline station and have to dash along...
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    Buffer Puffer 11.1

    Some pictures of 20303 and 20304 on Pathfinder's Buffer Puffer 11.1 railtour of 8th February 2014. ... 395664474/ ... 395666824/ ... 395215445/...
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    Extra trains: Nothing's too much trouble for Sunderland!

    Haven't seen this mentioned yet, so I'll give it a go. In complete contrast to the issues encountered on the WCML from Manchester last year, the railway has got its act together for Sunderland's trip to Wembley on March 2nd. For this season's League Cup final, East Coast are running two extra...
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    Cans are Great

    It's indisputable, they're great. Here's two at Carpenders Park: SGS.
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    Five charters at Carlisle

    Carlisle played host to five charter trains yesterday: 1. 2. 3. 4...
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    86259 on the ECML

    Here's 86259 on on the East Coast Main Line, on today's Edinburgh-Kings Cross charter train: Stuart.
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    Here Comes the Sun

    Sometimes you arrive somewhere on the off-chance, and you're lucky and the sun's just right. That happened to me at Barnes, in south-west London, on the occassion when I thought I'd better get some Class 458 photos before they enter works to be modified. Then, even better, a freight turned up...
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    Orange 20s, 56, and LU locos

    HNRC Class 20s at West Ruislip: CLass 56 on Calvert-Willesden: LU locos at Kensington Olympia...
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    Goodbye C-stock

    I thought I'd better get some pictures of the London Underground C-stock trains before they go for good. I've uploaded them here: SGS.
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    ELR DMU Day, 16th March 2013.

    Some photos from the ELR DMU Day (including the Cravens DMU).
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    Top Ten Overcrowded Services The DfT appear to have published some new figures on the services which are the most overcrowded, ranked according to percentage over capacity. The survey was done in Autumn 2011, so I don't know why it's taken...