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    Is there any sign of an East Coast sale this January?

    I'm wanting to book some tickets on the East Coast route in February, but I'm wondering if I should hold back for a couple of weeks to see if East Coast announce another £5 seat sale? I think it was in January last year? Do you think it's worth waiting or should I just book now?
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    Liverpool - London Super Off Peak Return validity during Watford blockade

    My sister is coming to visit me in London on Friday 13th February from Liverpool and has already booked a London Midland Only Super Off Peak Return (she didn't realise this type of ticket doesn't need to be purchased in advance). She needs to return on Sunday 15th (or early Monday 16th, but the...
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    Can I buy a 16-25 railcard in advance to start in the future?

    I currently have a 16-25 railcard that expires in October 2015. My 26th birthday is at the start of January 2015. My understanding of the rules is that I can purchase a 16-25 railcard up to the day before my 26th birthday. What I was hoping to do was purchase a new railcard that starts a day...
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    Take a big tv on an East Coast Leeds to London service?

    I've recently moved down to London from Leeds and managed to get all my stuff down here in a couple of suitcases before Christmas. I'm going back to my parents in a couple of weeks and I was planning on bringing my 42 inch TV down with me (in it's original box). I've traveled on East Coast a few...
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    Commuting From Teddington to Liverpool St for a week; Cheapest way of doing things?

    I'm staying with a mate who lives in Teddington next week, and I need to commute to work at Liverpool St tube station. The will be my first week living in London, and although I understand train tickets more than your average person, London fares still confuse me. What would the best ticket...
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    What's the logic behind the Grand Central Class 180 coach formation?

    B - C - E - F - D I'm sure there must be a reason, but why is coach D out of place on all Grand Central 180s? As a passenger trying to find his seat once on board I find it incredibly confusing.
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    Leeds - York - Barnsley - Leeds. Cheapest way of doing things?

    Hi, Tomorrow I am getting a train from Leeds to York, and then later on in the day going from York to Barnsley, which will mean I pass through Leeds. Then on Monday I will travel back from Barnsley to Leeds. One option is to get a Leeds - York off peak day return for tomorrow at £7.35...
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    East Coast Reward Points under the minumum spend threshold?

    I purchased an £8.60 EC advance and a £2 PlusBus at the start of June to qualify for the EC only online discount. I know that there is minimum spend of £22 to qualify for points (even checking the website now it still states that there is). However, I've just taken a look at my rewards...
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    Edinburgh PlusBus Questions

    I'm travelling up to Edinburgh tomorrow for the first time, and I'm just trying to work some things out. If I get the Edinburgh PlusBus, it appears to be valid on Lothian Bus day services. There is no mention if they are valid on the night buses though, and even if they were how do the dates...
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    Lost Property, what usually happens to it?

    I stupidly left my backpack on a Transpennine Express train yesterday evening. I rang the TPE lost property number this morning, and I got a reference number, and they said if I haven't heard back in two weeks, then they haven't found it. The contents of the backpack weren't valuable in any...
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    change of train type between Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester airport

    I commute to work every day on this line from Piccadilly to Gatley. Every day there is a reasonably spacious three car electric train (I'm not familiar with class numbers, sorry about that!). There's always enough seats (at least at the times that I travel), and it's a very pleasant journey...
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    Can you buy Northern Rail season tickets online?

    Ideally through a website that does cashback? Or can I only buy it from a station? Thanks in advance. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Also, if I buy it from a station do I need to bring a passport photo? It says so on Northern's website, but I didn't know whether that was actually...
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    Bradford Interchange to Gatley 7 day season ticket

    I may need to commute from Bradford to Gatley from Monday-Friday next week. A 7 day season ticket (route: via Hebden Bridge) costs £56.60 (£11.32 a day). If work will pay for it I will just purchase that and then no more needs to be done. However, on the off chance I'll have to pay myself, do...
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    Excessing Bradford - Manchester ticket to a Bradford - Gatley ticket

    I have purchased and collected a Bradford Yorks Stations - Manchester Stations Anytime Return (route: via Hebden Bridge) for travel this coming Tuesday, returning Wednesday. This cost me £11.35 with YP railcard discount. I now know that I need to go as far as Gatley on Tuesday, returning to...
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    Shipley to Manchester during Stalybridge Works

    I just want to check that the booking engines are correct. On the 31st October my mum wants to travel from Shipley to Manchester Stations. There are two fares for a day return: One via Hebden Bridge, and the other Any Permitted. Usually, via Hebden bridge is for the slower and cheaper train...
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    The Southern Website doesn't show all available TVMs

    Has anyone else noticed this? I've only tried it for collection at either Bradford station or Barnsley station and none of the three are on there. Any idea why this is? Has it just not been updated since Northern allowed COD a while back? I've used a few different booking websites, and these...
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    I can't seem to get on the PlusBus Website: PlusBus on Manchester Metrolink. Okay?

    This is for a friend. They need to travel from Piccadilly Metrolink station to Dane Road metrolink station. Can you tell me if a Manchester PlusBus will be valid for this return journey? Thanks.
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    What ticket do I need for these journeys?

    Tomorrow I will be travelling from Leeds to Barnsley. Then, on Thursday I will travel from Barnsley to Halifax, and finally on Friday I will go from Halifax to Bradford. What is the cheapest ticket or combination of tickets I require here? I will be travelling at off peak times, and I have a...
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    Lack of Virgin Advance Tickets 29th December

    Hi all, I'm wanting to travel from Manchester to Milton Keynes on Saturday 29th Decemeber, returning on the 6th January. I've been checking over the last few weeks to make sure I get in there first and grab some cheap advances. I've checked again today, and advances for the 6th are now available...
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    Using a PlusBus not on the day you travel. Is this valid?

    My instinct tells me this isn't valid, but I figured I would ask just to double check. On Saturday I'm travelling from Leeds to Barnsley, and returning on Sunday. However, on the return journey we will be staying in Leeds city centre to watch a gig, and staying over in a hotel. I then need to...