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  1. TheNewNo2

    Formula 1

    Today was a brilliant race, though I think almost everyone is upset Kimi didn't win. I thought Vettel's move at the Roggia was his own fault - Hamilton left him plenty of room, he just didn't turn in enough. Vettel has made a lot of mistakes this year in a faster car while Hamilton has been...
  2. TheNewNo2

    Why Are We Creatures of Habit?

    The main reason is maximisation of happiness. On my commute, I pick specific train doors because I know that at my station those doors are adjacent to the exit. I have maximised the efficiency of my trip and thus my happiness. When I order takeaway, I tend to order from the same few places...
  3. TheNewNo2

    Formula 1

    I'm glad of the Halo's existence, I don't know if Leclerc would have been hit or not, but it certainly would have been a lot closer. In all the Halo debate, there's one thing which seems to have been missed - we want drivers not to die, but I think to an extent they accept that risk. But I...
  4. TheNewNo2

    Physics Question

    Your answer of 614,400 is correct. As stated by others, the issue is likely that the question is applying a rounding without stating so explicitly, which is on them. If we assume the mass is accurate, then their 614,000 value gives a speed of 31.98958 m/s, which is 32m/s to 5sf. I would say...
  5. TheNewNo2

    Donald Trump discussion

    Can the rest of the G7 just form an H6 group?
  6. TheNewNo2

    Train announcements.

    Most people would love that quiet a trip.
  7. TheNewNo2

    Abortion discussion

    Pregnancy is a foreign body taking up residence in a host, and siphoning off nutrients and providing little to no benefits. That's a parasite. It may be something people actively desire, but the point is that if your body is invaded against your will no one else should be able to tell you you...
  8. TheNewNo2

    Our cat, the rubber-tyred railcar

    Does that qualify as a railway term? While it certainly relates to railways, I don't believe it derives from the rail industry as such.
  9. TheNewNo2

    Abortion discussion

    Abortion should be safe, legal and rare. I think that's what everyone on the pro-choice side wants really. No-one wants to have an abortion for its own sake, much as no-one particularly wants to have to go to the doctor or dentist. And indeed most people who have abortions are already mothers...
  10. TheNewNo2

    Cotswold Line platform extension work autumn 2018

    Why is Kingham not being extended quite as far? Also, why on earth are they extending to 7 car when trains will be 5, 9 or 10 car?
  11. TheNewNo2

    World War Three

    I don't think WW3 is all that likely, but it's a lot more likely now than it was two years ago, or twenty years ago. I wouldn't be hugely surprised to see a nuke used in anger though... As for what was said about WW3 being ongoing since 1998, you have a point there. The nature of modern war...
  12. TheNewNo2

    Are Uniforms / Smart Office Wear on the Way Out?

    I wear smart trousers and a short-sleeved button shirt (no tie, top button undone, untucked) and trainers to my office job. No one cares much, the only issues I've had uniform-wise was when I was wearing my lanyard in a pub and the head of department asked me to put it away. This is actually...
  13. TheNewNo2

    DISCUSSION: Could an organisation like International Rescue actually exist?

    It'll never happen. Sure it's all fairly feasible technologically nowadays, apart from the gravity plating they had onboard Thunderbirds 3 and 5; the issue is the huge lawsuits which are bound to be filed. Either it'll be for not saving people, or for tapping people's communications to find out...
  14. TheNewNo2

    Victorian Line north/eastern extension.

    Even when a hospital is close to a station it's not easy to get there. The Royal London Hospital is very close to Whitechapel station, and there are signs within the station which point you to the hospital. You follow the signs, you cross a road, and then the signs stop while you're still...
  15. TheNewNo2

    Corbyn sacks former leadership rival over Brexit claims

    Unsurprising. Corbyn is pro-Brexit, he just doesn't have the courage to come out and say it because he knows the majority of his party hate it. Under the Tories we're ****ed. Under Labour we'd also be ****ed. Under the Lib Dems we'd still be ****ed. May as well just vote BNP and have done with it.
  16. TheNewNo2

    Trivia - Best Songs with Rail Content

    Graffiti on the Train by the Stereophonics.
  17. TheNewNo2

    Discriminatory/Hypocritical UK laws in either concept or enforcement

    And if your route is 1mm longer than necessary it's 6 penalty points.
  18. TheNewNo2

    Films you've seen/film discussion

    I watched that and I did not have quite the same reaction as you. I thought the visuals were yes, pretty stunning, but I can't say I really felt invested in the story. Though it was nice to see a team of women doing the usual walk into danger ****. 2.0/5.0
  19. TheNewNo2

    Cracked skin on fingers.

    Can I suggest you see a doctor, if you have not done so already?
  20. TheNewNo2

    Films you've seen/film discussion

    I thought Cara Delvigne was pretty good actually, and felt mildly aggrieved the title of the film was Valerian when her character was clearly the star. But yes, a poor film.