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  1. bus man

    Graffitti Attack on units stabled at Sheffield overnight on 13th May 17

    Reports that units stabled at Sheffield over night possibly in what was called the fish dock / motorail siding have been subject to a graffitti stack. The units are reported to be in service. Nfd
  2. bus man

    Another Bridge Strike Bus v Railwaybridge

    Good job it was not in service
  3. bus man

    Stagecoach 35005 written off

    Presume this will be a write off coal aston , dronfield heading to sheffield on the 44 23rd July 2012
  4. bus man

    47580 paint job -well done

    Apologies if this as been done before or its in wrong section, but just seen 47580 doesnt it look good - must be the best loco paint job ive seen Well done to all concerned.
  5. bus man

    Woodseats Road Bridge Renewal

    Woodseats road bridge is being renewed to allow two way trafic with no weight restriction to use the bridge. The works are taking place today (25th December 2011) and finish on the 27th Dec 2011 Woodseats Road bridge is on the midland main line Sheffield - London aprox 2 miles south of...
  6. bus man

    Busman's Photo's

    Decided to put some of my rail photos on the forum 20189 and 144005 sheffield 0640 ish 10th November 2011 320304 @ Doncaster 740 hours 9th November 2011 20227 sheffield 8th November 2011 Dronfield station 7th Novemeber 2011 20189 front 20227 rear woodburn jn...
  7. bus man

    FGW 158 in sheffield

    FGW 158766 is curently stabled between paltform 5/6 the unit is here on a "presentation " evening -NFD available understand it will leave at 11am on sat 24th Sep
  8. bus man

    Riots in Birmingham/London/Manchester etc

    Thought we had seen the last of these riots not sure what it was --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Understand its Arriva DLA 284 Y484 UGC or was !
  9. bus man

    Snowplogh Or Ballast Plough

    HELP ! Photod this at Skipton today (21st May 2011) is it a ballast plough or a snow plough or both ? Thank You for your help MODS: Sorry if this is in wrong section .
  10. bus man

    Leeds Station Mouse

    Taken today at Leeds Station today 27th April 2011
  11. bus man

    Flash Floods & Hailstorm Sheffield Easter Saturday 23rd April 11

    The Hillsborough area of sheffield had very heavy rain yesterday with hail :
  12. bus man

    Rare Track Sheffield Supertram - Easter Weekend

    Aplogies for not posting earlier . Due to engineering work on the delta junciton in Sheffield this weekend trams coming from Meadowhall to city will go through the depot yard (wash road), they will then run wrong line to cricket inn road and return normal route to meadowhall. Replacement...
  13. bus man

    Which Scanner

    Help Please I have a huge amount of colour negatives dating back to 1979 which I want to scan so they are digital I bought a Epsom 4490 round 2 years ago and it was OK but I didn't use it a lot towards the end of last year I started to scan a lot and it developed a fault where it slipped ...
  14. bus man

    Peak Park Bus Rally (Chatsworth) 2011 & Chesterfield Running day park bus rall

    Owing to event capicty problems at chatsworth the bus rally organised by the Chesterfield 123 Group will be moving 3 miles down the road to Rowsley South (Peak Rail) there will still be a number of bus routes using historic bus services. Full details will appear on the following site...
  15. bus man

    31s @ Booths - ID please

    Can anyone tell me the id of the 31s that are currently at Booths Yard in Rotherham THANK YOU
  16. bus man

    Stagecoach Supertram in Sheffield Livery

    In order to commerate the 50th aniversary of the passing of traditional trams in Sheffield Stagecoach have painted tram 120 in Sheffield Livery: