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    Transition vs cant question

    I'm in Australia, so the track speed is actually 35kph, and we are on narrow gauge 1067mm.
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    Transition vs cant question

    Hi all, Another question I hope someone might be able to answer. Is there any situations where you would start increasing the cant before the actual curve starts. For example 0mm- 20mm cant in the straight before the curve and then the cant would continue to rise to the TE. Where I am...
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    Broken Rails

    This is an incident I remember in Oxford due to wheel flats
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    current welding standard

    Hi guys Quick question. What is the current tolerances for black holes in Alumnio thermic welds in RT/CE/S/032 ? Cheers
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    Bletchley Derailment

    Doesn't an approach signal only show a caution aspect when the route is set to use the points it's protecting? Again, is this another way to protect over speeding?
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    Bletchley Derailment

    I'm more than certain this signal would be a slow approach signal, so should only give the route at the last minute, so why didn't the TPWS kick if the loco approached the signal to fast?
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    De stressing on steel sleepers

    They don't use any rollers here. I keep telling them too!!!
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    That be great thanks. [email protected]

    That be great thanks. [email protected]
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    Grayrigg Charges

    The general public hate these as they continuely give a warning siren about every 3 seconds,and then speeds up when a train arrives. If used all day it can drive you mad!! --- old post above --- --- new post below --- There also another safety system called PLOD. Patrolman Lock Out Device. If my...
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    Junction indicators

    Another example is Didcot West curve Junction for trains on the up from Oxford. As seen here at the 40 second mark.
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    De stressing on steel sleepers

    I think you might be right. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Ok we use 32c as our SFT and some of the curves are <100m radius (very tight) The steel sleepers our crimped ended, but we are narrow gauge (1067mm) down here so the sleepers will be lighter also. --- old post above...
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    De stressing on steel sleepers

    Hi guys, Here in Tasmania majority of our sleepers are steel, but when it comes to de stressing the rail we have huge problems of curves pulling in winter after been de stressed. Do we (ex pom) stress rail on steel sleepers, or use breather switch's. My old patch, Didcot and Northampton...