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  1. VTPreston_Tez

    Things that annoy you on bus and coach journeys

    Well we got a double decker today. I now see why we don't get them. The old ones aren't suited to our bus route and throw you everywhere. Of course the solution is to swap with the hybrids on the 23 and 35, which is basically one straight road after you leave the city unlike ours which goes down...
  2. VTPreston_Tez

    Poster Of The Year

    Hopefully, but you'll have competition. :lol:
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    Things that annoy you on bus and coach journeys

    Here's mine: Preston "We've got 60 passengers that get on this service, let's chuck a Solo on instead of one of the double deckers we've got at the depot" Bus First Dorset binning off half their services for no logical reason. Thank Christ there was a delayed train at Dorchester South...
  4. VTPreston_Tez

    Will Manchester Piccadilly ever get another auto-announcer

    Since when? I was there last on the 18th and it was manual announcements. There's about 3 people that chop and change from what I've gathered.
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    Unhelpful "Help" point

    Happened to me at Par station too. The woman on the other end didn't even know that Par station existed until she looked it up. Not good enough from NRE, but hey what can you do?
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    Smartest and shabbiest stations

    Being in the subway at Preston station today, half of it's modern looking whereas the other half looks run down and smells of god knows what.
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    Smartest and shabbiest stations

    Lincoln's in quite good nick IMO. However, I find that York is rather worn down and beginning to show age, similarly I'm not too fond of Leeds and all 4 stations in Burnley (If I had to pick one Burnley station that's the nicest though, Rose Grove hands down) The smartest station is Manchester...
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    Automatic station announcements - who decides if they should be switched off?

    At Preston they're permanently off, unless someone's doing a pre-recorded advertisement. (OT: Is that done elsewhere?) There are the auto announcements of course, and until a few years back they really should have been there as the microphone was dodgy for about 5 years! Regarding the thread...
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    Watching sport from a train?

    Page 1! Taking a punt, I'd expect Brentford to have a partially visible pitch.
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    Virgin Trains Diverts

    I've seen on the boards in the waiting room a train to Euston about to leave, so yes, it was a dragged Pendo. IMO Virgin should run a limited service over this route, something tells me there may be a market for express services from Preston/Wigan to Stockport/Wilmslow but I'm not sure why...
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    Most Successful New Station

    Buckshaw Parkway always seems to be well used when I go through.
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    Watching sport from a train?

    I do PE on a Tuesday between 12:10 and 13:05 (period 4) and my school's on the WCML between Preston and Lancaster so you can catch me then. While playing at Irongate (now the Tom Finney Stadium) in Bamber Bridge I've seen trains go past, and I see the pitch from trains when I pass on the way to...
  13. VTPreston_Tez

    Random Toots On The Horn!

    I've never had a horn, but I know that you can do a pulling down gesture to symbolise that you want a driver to do the horn from past experience. I got a wave while shooting at Levenshulme though...
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    Dutch Teenagers twitter joke goes wrong... Quite badly!

    I was amused at first, but now understandably a bit concerned and whatnot seeing as I'm on a flight in 24 hours. This kind of thing isn't right. I've actually had a police visit before with regards to Twitter, however in this case it actually benefitted the local area after it all panned out...
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    Stations you don't want to go to/be at

    Going off fellow football followers, Brentford. All kicked off there with Wolves recently! Par for me. Nothing there, no shops I believe, no facilities, weather can be a problem.
  17. VTPreston_Tez

    Construction progress: TPE 350/4

    I've had the misfortune of being on one, absolutely ram packed from Preston to Manchester Piccadilly. They're okay when not full though as I carried on to the Airport. Hopefully this was a one off though!
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    Town Service (a nostalgic thread about relatively short bus services)

    Lyme Regis' route 71? To a degree Preston's Orbital although it lists the places it goes through.
  19. VTPreston_Tez

    Class 395 ('Javelins')

    What bang? I've done the Javelin and can confirm that that didn't happen.
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    How would you refurbish a Pendolino?

    USB ports should never happen. My phone charger doesn't use USB and then there's laptop chargers and DVD player chargers as well as the one guy who used his Xbox with one! (However that is silly so that shouldn't be mentioned further). 230V plugs can have their voltage lowered by resistors...