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    Photo query

    It's been some time since I posted one of my father's old's one taken in 1936/7 when he was at Oxford, I'm assuming it's on the outskirts of London. Must be easier than a level crossing in the Reading area! Loco is an unidentified GWR 'Bulldog'
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    Prince Rupert

    As an avid fan of King Crimson, I have been reading the updated biography of the band and following up some tales on the DGM website. In 1970, for the recording of their third album 'Lizard', Jon Anderson of Yes was drafted in to record vocals on one track (Prince Rupert Awakes). In an online...
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    Help with identifying location!

    I've had this old damaged photograph knocking around for some time, it was amongst my father's small collection that he took himself, sadly many are of poor quality and/or damaged. Noticing how the forum sleuths are pretty adept at this sort of thing on occasions, can someone please help. All I...
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    Inverness - Fort William

    I'm planning a little jaunt in Scotland in October for a few friends, one of whom has never been to Scotland before! We'll be travelling by train to Inverness via Edinburgh, I'm hoping that someone with knowledge of buses (assume I know nothing and you'd be near the mark) can give me some info...
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    Bedford to Bangor via Milton Keynes

    I've just been looking at services and fares from Bedford to Bangor via Marston Vale line and Milton Keynes for a friend. However no site that I have used will offer a fare using this route , all want to send me via London. I would split the fare at Milton Keynes anyway, but I am just curious to...
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    ATW change of Destination en route.

    Travelling to Cardiff from Bangor on last Monday (15h04 ex-Bangor) we were very surprised to hear an announcement just before we arrived at Chester that the train was not now going to Cardiff but Manchester instead, therefore we had to change at Chester! I have never been on a train before when...
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    Citywing goes into liquidation

    The company that offers Anglesey-Cardiff daily flights (amongst others) has gone into liquidation. The subsidy paid by the Welsh Government to Citywing and its predecessor has been much discussed in relation to 'Y Gerallt Cymro' Holyhead - Cardiff service on the forum. I wonder what will happen...
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    European Rail distances

    Having just organised and returned returned from a brief European Rail jaunt with non-railway people, I've now been asked by them how far we had travelled. I can't find a calculator....can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
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    Diesel Under the Wires

    I'm sure that this has come up before on the forum, but I can't find anything...but does anyone know - roughly - the percentage of diesel services that run on the WCML (and ECML if you can)? I'm only asking this as a recent trip from Crewe to Glasgow and return from Edinburgh were both...
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    Church visible from WCML

    Between Milton Keynes and Blisworth, a church with a spire and flying buttresses is clearly visible on the right hand side as one would be travelling north. Can someone confirm that this is Harrold (Beds) church? Last Thursday whilst journeying to London we thought at first it must be Olney...
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    Warrington Stations

    There has probably been a thread about this before, but wanted to recount my experience recently. I had occasion this week to depart from Warrington BQ for a journey to Scotland (leaving my car in the Slutchers Lane car park) but found it convenient to return down the ECML and thence from York...
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    Advice on second letter from TIL.

    I'm seeking help from forum members for a young acquaintance who is facing the possible of a court summons for 'travel on a train without a valid ticket' contrary (to) S.5.3a Regulation of Railways Act (1889) When I was first asked to help,I used my scant knowledge of this area by reading many...
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    West Midlands Metro

    Having travelled on the West Midlands Metro on a number of occasions over the past two years (after realising it went to Bilston!), I have a (probably) simple question....why did it not run to Wolverhampton HL instead of veering off the former GW mainline to St George's Square? ..or was that a...
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    Barmouth Bridge/Bont y Bermo as World Heritage site?
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    Bangor - Thurso

    hello - I volunteered to look at tickets for a friend who needs to travel from Bangor to Thurso on a Saturday in May returning on the following Wednesday (not the BH week). She was quoted £175.80 for a return, but I managed to reduce it to £120.70 in my own way by the following: Bangor -...
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    Revenue Protection Officer

    Interesting article in last Saturday's Guardian:
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    Bangor to Eastleigh

    I hope to be travelling from Bangor to Eastleigh next Monday for a funeral, I think that the cheapest route for me is via Newport & Romsey - (I can get a Club 55 return to Newport). My real question is, as I think that I have the route sorted, what would be the chances of achieving a four...
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    Ticket Machine at Bangor

    Just returned from Bangor station where I was going to collect some pre-booked tickets from the machine - however the station entrance (where the machine is) was blocked off, - as part of the station renovation - and the said ticket machine was under a protective cover .Booking office closed No...
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    The Cambrian Coast Express 2012

    Hi - I note that in the 'Christmas Card' just received from West Coast Railways, there is no mention of 'The Cambrian' as 'coming soon' for 2012 - altho' 'Scarboro' Spa Express is mentioned and 'The Jacobite' is booking now - does anyone know if there is confirmation that The Cambrian will not...