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  1. marks87

    Bumping and jerking HST

    The thread title is obviously not unheard of but this is particularly bad. I'm currently on an LNER HST that has been jerking about at least since I boarded 40 minutes ago. It's almost as if the rear power car is randomly pushing harder than the front is pulling. Is that possible? Or could it...
  2. marks87

    Dundee-Haymarket first class excess - one way only

    I'll be travelling Dundee-Haymarket next Monday, returning on Tuesday 18th. It's a business trip, and my company has bought me an Anytime Return (£35.40). Since I've not personally paid anything up to this point, I was considering an excess to First Class on the outward leg and catching the...
  3. marks87

    New concourse at Dundee opens today (9/7/18)

    After what seems like an eternity, the new concourse at Dundee finally opened to passengers today. There's a video on the local newspaper's website: Functional, rather...
  4. marks87

    Lorry hits OHLE protection barrier at level crossing in Motherwell rom the photo in the article, it looks like the lorry hit the height restriction barrier but still proceeded to the other side of the crossing, taking the wires...
  5. marks87

    Storm Barbara disruption (23-24 December 2016)

    The north west of Scotland is expected to be worst hit, with gusts of 90mph+ expected. Other areas can expect 50-70mph. ScotRail have already pre-emptively cancelled services on several routes: West Highland, Far North, Kyle, Fife Circle, Edinburgh-Perth, Stranraer-Kilmarnock...
  6. marks87

    Dundee - new station concourse

    Three years on from the demolition of the original station (locked thread here:, the new concourse at Dundee is taking shape. Here's some photos I took this morning. Taken from a distance, looking down Earl Gray Place...
  7. marks87

    Storm Gertrude - Friday 29th

    I don't know if Storm Gertrude is getting, er, "her" own thread, but the Highland Main Line between Perth and Inverness (amongst others) several lines in Scotland will have no service until at least 4pm tomorrow...
  8. marks87

    February snow

    Just a wee bit of snow on the Highland Main Line this morning. This was Dalwhinnie (credit: Network Rail): (Picture shows a 67 with its front entirely covered by snow) There's been a handful of cancellations, and services that are running are delayed by up to half an hour, but overall it...
  9. marks87

    RAIB report on 2012/13 landslips

    The RAIB report on the class investigation into 6 landslips has been released. The ones covered are: Loch Treig (the 66 that went down the embankment) Falls of Cruachan (156 hit a boulder) Rosyth (158 hit a landslip) St Bees (153 hit a landslip) Bargoed (150 hit a tree) Hatfield...
  10. marks87

    Garve level crossing

    There's emergency engineering works at the Garve level crossing tonight, closing the road. Traffic Scotland Tweeted the diversion for motorists: Probably fine on a nice summer day, but overnight in the middle of winter...!
  11. marks87


    I'm planning a trip to Dumfries next month and was wanting advice on the return leg. Normally when I do this trip, I return via: 17.58 Dumfries-Carlisle 18.35 18.47 Carlisle-Glasgow Central 20.01 20.41 Glasgow QS - Dundee 22.03 Since that's what the journey planners always give...
  12. marks87

    16-25 Railcard renewal

    I've got a 16-25 Railcard, bought online, that expires on 5th November. I turn 26 on 27th October. My plan had been to go to the station on the 26th and buy a new Railcard, but out of curiosity I logged into my account and it's letting me renew my existing card. Even when I go back through...
  13. marks87

    "Wheels turning on work to demolish Dundee train station"

    So over a year after my last thread on this ( and two since my first (, finally there's movement at Dundee. Councillors will vote next week to approve a £1.5m contract to demolish the current...
  14. marks87

    1L58 (Carlisle-Glasgow Central) 10/8/13

    Does anyone have any further details as to why 1L58 was terminated at Kilmarnock on Saturday? RTT says "disorder", with it leaving Dumfries nearly an hour late. As a Dundee FC fan, I'm slightly concerned that the "disorder"...
  15. marks87

    Canterbury-Dundee super off-peak

    I've got a friend who's currently in Canterbury and is looking for advice about his trip home to Dundee tomorrow. Basically, he as (the return portion of) a super off-peak return that's +Any Permitted and has a reservation on the 10.00 from King's Cross to Dundee (KGX-DEE). That raised alarm...
  16. marks87

    Caledonian Sleeper bidders named

    First Arriva Night Trains Serco When is the franchise due to start? The main article says 2015, but the caption under the (horribly generic) photo says "next year".
  17. marks87

    ScotRail Advance sleeper offer

    ScotRail Advance members can currently take advantage of an offer of £99 1st class return on the sleeper. Outward travel must be completed by 31 May, return within 1 month. Annoyingly, I'll be travelling to and from London early next month, so can't take advantage of the offer. However, is...
  18. marks87

    ScotRail "hiring an additional train"

    Something I've not seen before, but ScotRail have taken to Facebook to explain why so many services have been short-formed recently (units involved in incidents etc.). They say they're "hiring an additional train" to alleviate the overcrowding. Anyone any ideas where it's coming from, or...
  19. marks87

    66 Sleeper drags

    It was suggested I start a new thread to see if anyone knows the answer to something that's been bugging me. Last night, the Caley Sleepers were apparently 66-dragged from Carstairs to Beattock, and when the WCML was flooded a couple of months back, the same traction was used on the S&C...
  20. marks87

    Goings on at Dundee

    There was a feature in the local paper the other day about how things are going to develop at Dundee station in the next few years. It'll start at Christmas with a 56-hour possession to allow the removal and replacement of a 19th-century bridge that carries part of the Riverside Roundabout next...