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    2012 report into ECML rail breaks

    Have a read of this report,. Would you ride on the ECML?
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    How I got on the railway

    How I got on the railway. In the late of 1981, I wrote a letter to the area manager at Healey Mills to see if he had any vacancies for jobs on the railways .At this time, I had just been made redundant in the job that I had .After a week of sending my first letter to British Rail I got a...
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    Indian 2 foot railway

    Have a look at this I would love to have a go on this railway.
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    Working a Train through the Andes.

    Just have a look at this , it all about trains going throught Mountains in South America There are 4 episodes , well worth watching. I'm glad I do not do Health and safety for this team
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    British Rail at War.

    Have a look at this documentry from the early 1939 era.
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    The Good Old days,

    Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end. Mary Hopkins Have a look at this link it is classic BBC Railway Round About, with no plastic trains to be seen.
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    Rail Accident Investigation Branch hiring investigators

    I have alook at this link for the RAIB who want to recruite investigators. Circa £4000pa.
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    Class 33 at Kings Cross .

    On Sunday, 15/12/13 I was at Kings Cross, waiting for 12:03 train HST for Leeds. On sitting down in the train, I saw a train of West Coast LHCS. As the HST pulled out of number 2, I saw a Type 33 loco at the Country End of number 1 Platform. Any ideas what the train was doing on the Stops at...
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    Tool Vans thru Huddersfield.

    Whilst waiting for the 12.08 Denby Dale Train to Depart, I saw the Network Rail Tool vans go through Huddersfield Station in the direction of Mirfield. NEWS FLASH
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    BR signaling

    Have a look at this link for BR signaling.
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    Swimming Lessons at kirkgate Station

    Swimming in Petrol Lessons down at Wakefield Kirkgate Station. In the early 1990's the role of the guard on goods trains was on the decline and at The Mill was no exception. For quite a number of years we had a booked job to take 12 x101 tons TEA Tanks full of petrol and diesel with a...
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    Is this a safety video.

    If this video is a safety film, am gald that I never worked for this bunch of idots. If this methods of working on the uk railways, I recon this is the most unsafe thing I have ever seen. Any views or comments
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    The Demise of Swindon Works.

    I have just watched this film of the demise of Swindon Works, and the men who worked there. Watch this link and cry for the railways.
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    Big boy Steam trains.

    I have just spent a good hour watching this link. All about Big boys locos in America. Just watch this I was spell bound. S1txJ6u2b3c
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    USA AIR BRAKES circa 1955

    Have a look at this link advertising Westinghouse Air Brakes for a TV Show. If you like USA trains of the 1950's this is the one. I35BWw0cKuk
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    Coal from Above

    A day when the door would not shut I signed on at The Mill at 09:15 hours, on Thursday, 1st of December, 1983 to take 28 HAA 's ( Empty Merry go round's)with Class 56092 , 6K96, from number 1 Down Stagings for a trip to Kinsley Drift Mine at Kinsley to load with coal under the bunker, and...
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    Train Spotting in the 1960's

    Shed Bashing 1960 Style. I started my like of railway in the 1960's, when my mate and I went down to Storrs Hill Road Bridge over the track at Healey Mills. In the summer months there were many lads same as me trainspotting. We could hear the Auzzies coming and going with wooden coal...
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    Postman Pats rough ride at the coral.

    Postman Pat Not Very Happy Day When Leeds Depot were short of Drivers/ Guards we were sent from The Mill to Leeds City Station to work the jobs that they could not cover This particular week, I was sent to Leeds to work the Shrewsbury Mail from Stockport. When signing on at Leeds, we were...
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    A Bit of Snow.

    Just a few flakes of snow, and some more.
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    Swiging on the back of the train.

    Swinging on the back of the train. When I went to HM in July 1982, nearly all the goods trains were loose coupled, as there was not many Air braked trains around. The oil trains were AB such as 101ton TEA and 45 ton TTA wagons. These were Class 6 trains. Most of the other trains were vacuum...