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  1. Blinkbonny

    Hardest station to depart from?

    Or Lancaster Green Ayre to Castle.
  2. Blinkbonny

    Is Trainsplit down?

    Cheers. Nearly got that badly wrong. ;)
  3. Blinkbonny

    Is Trainsplit down?

    I was trying Oxford to Coventry via Hereford. Can't see how to do that on the app - or indeed any other site. As it happens, it now seems to be working again - but that does rather suggest the problem was not at my end. It does bring home to me how much I depend on Trainsplit for so much...
  4. Blinkbonny

    Is Trainsplit down?

    I can see journeys, but I can't get an itinerary or book anything. Been like that for over 24 hours for me. 1607876003 The app appears to work, but can't tailor journeys like on the website.
  5. Blinkbonny

    Any first person anecdotes of the APT

    Please feel free to do what ever you wish. I was a bit train-spotterish at the time, and it was me she was coming to see. I remember ribbing her over her having "cabbed" the ATP and me never having had a chance! I suppose the only other thing of note is, that despite having no interest in...
  6. Blinkbonny

    Any first person anecdotes of the APT

    On Friday 11th December 1981 my wife (as came to be!) was travelling up from Crewe to Lancaster through thick snow. She must have been on one of the first APT runs in the public timetable. It failed at Preston, to the extent that not even the doors would open, and she remembers having to file...
  7. Blinkbonny

    The Severn Beach Line

    Mission complete, and very nice line in the Autumn sun. Shorter than I was imagining for some reason. Community murals at most stations. Stayed the two hours in the end. Wouldn't bother again! Can't imagine it as the region's Blackpool as it used to be billed! But certainly hope to do the line...
  8. Blinkbonny

    The Severn Beach Line

    Thanks all. Too late to back out now! Sat at New Street waiting for the 10.12 to Bristol. All will be revealed. Have to say "Rush Hour" trains Cov to Birmingham, normally a scrum even in First, never seen trains so empty. Even the infamous Cross Country Manchester service - stroll on, stroll off!
  9. Blinkbonny

    The Severn Beach Line

    That is excellent, Mr Toad, and exactly the sort of things I look out for. I shall print it out and impress my friend with my knowledge of his local area. Thank you so much. As to other comments, I have gone back to my Rail Guide to check: So it's in a proper book and everything - so it must...
  10. Blinkbonny

    The Severn Beach Line

    Got a trip lined up tomorrow to visit the Severn Beach Line. I'm only going as I've got a friend down there and I thought here's a chance to get off my usual beaten track. I wasn't expecting much - but looking in an old guide it makes the claim: " the Severn Beach line is held by some to be...
  11. Blinkbonny

    Unpaid Ticket Became Court Case; Need to Travel to US urgently

    It really isn't very clear what you're saying. "Travelling with a valid ticket" is hardly a crime. You then go on to use the word "ticket" in two different ways. I don't follow and suspect others won't either.
  12. Blinkbonny

    Which Site mails you when Advances become available?

    Thanks for the advice on this, but I'm not much further forward. The basic matter is I want to travel to London on an Avanti Advance on the 7th of September. The date gets ever closer and nothing at all seems to be forthcoming other than the Timetables are liable to change on the 5th. How...
  13. Blinkbonny

    How long should customers retain their ticket for, after they have alighted from the train?

    I bought one last year when I wished to view Haymarket station after traveling there on the tram. The ticket clerk was a bit eye-rolling, and it didn't work the barriers. The guy who let me through was a bit nonplussed by it but was happy to oblige.
  14. Blinkbonny

    Fare Evasion. Any advice?

    Do you still have the outward ticket? It is unlikely to have being collected at Stratford. It would add credence to your story, as I suspect a day return wouldn't have been very much more than a single.
  15. Blinkbonny

    Which Site mails you when Advances become available?

    I remember there is one that emails you when they become available, but I've forgotten which. They seem to be working to a different availability window to when I last booked. Is that right?
  16. Blinkbonny

    Different rovers being rejected in ticket barriers

    Don't think I've ever had a Rover that worked the barriers. One time I had to climb over the gate at Cardiff Central with a Freedom of the Valleys!
  17. Blinkbonny

    Level crossing lunatics

    Amazing that the adrenaline in him still managed to allow him to jump the gates despite his ankle been shattered!
  18. Blinkbonny

    Railway ghosts

    Goodness me! That's certainly a change from the usual "strange shape in the distance" that these encounters often amount to!