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    Flange lubricators

    Hello all, I'm currently looking for information regarding the height above the railhead that the plunger for a flange lubricator can protrude, but can't find anything on the RSSB's online archive. Many thanks in advance, Matt
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    What is the stubby platform at Sheffield for?

    Between platform 3 and platform 4 at Sheffield, there's a short bit of platform, just long enough to accommodate the front doorway of a unit. Does anyone know why? I have a few possible explanations, but they don't make much sense. Can anyone else shed any light on this? Sent from my HTC...
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    Currently, the railway uses just two headcode classes for passenger trains: 1&2 (although there are some exceptions). With today's railway running predominantly passenger trains, is it more time to reallocate these classes? It seems ridiculous that the likes of east coast and FTPE run under...
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    What's the earliest you can buy a season ticket?

    Hi, So, having checked that my registration, etc at university is up to date this week, I went to buy a season ticket running from next Monday through to 14/12 (when I finish for Christmas). When I went to buy a ticket this morning at Sheffield station, I was to that I'd have to wait until...
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    Should public transport be free?

    Evening. We're often hearing about how much damage cars cause to the environment, and how we should go by train to reduce pollution. But trains are expensive. Should we make them free to use to persuade people, for the main part, out of their cars? Personally, as a left leaning person, my...
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    Wakefield to Sheffield Season Ticket

    Hi, Planning on living at home (Wakefield- my closest station is Sandal and Agbrigg) and commuting to university (Sheffield) next year. Looking for some advice on season tickets for the Winter Semester (24/9 - 14/12), because I've looked at National Rail and it's saying that it'll cost me...
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    Elaborate fair evasion

    What's the most elaborate fair evasion you've seen? Mine is someone saving their tickets to be used the next year or buying a week long season ticket a week in advance so that they could use it for 2 weeks rather than just one. Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk 2
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    Going one day, returning the next

    Hi, I am a regular volunteer at the KWVR, and often go by public transport. I am planning on starting to stay in their accomodation block so that I can do some turns that I otherwise would struggle to do (catching early train JUST gets me there on time = problems if delayed!). Just...