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    Liverpool to Edinburgh validity on journey planners

    This one seems a bit strange to me... There is a direct Liverpool Lime St to Edinburgh service on Sunday (11:08, 4th August), but some journey planners, including National Rail, Trainline, and Trainscanbecheaper, are not allowing it, other than for a journey from Lime St. only. e.g...
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    Courier for lost property

    I need to get a bag from lost property in Newcastle to Liverpool. Does anyone know of a courier company that can handle this? I could just order an online pickup from, say DHL, but I'm not sure if they will find the lost property office and just take an unpackaged bag. Has anyone done this before?
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    Mystery track (Liverpool)

    On google earth, you can see a short (20-30m) section of disused track, in some sort of yard, next to the cutting approaching Liverpool Lime St. (Off Mason St.),-2.9582576,77m/data=!3m1!1e3 There's also a few other bits of sleepers and track laid...
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    Advertising malware

    There seems to be some sort of malware that comes with an advert for 'JSK Ultrasonics' This is in the 'sponsored links', so logged-in users won't see it, and will probably depend on advertising cookies anyway. It's trying to download a .rar file called Your_Taxes-08.16.rar
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    December 26th Bank Holiday ?

    It looks to me like December 26th 2015 was a statutory Bank Holiday in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (obviously, being a Saturday, it shouldn't have been). It's slightly interesting in the case of parking tickets issued that day. It may also be interesting for anyone who worked that day...
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    Mersey Day Saver restrictions

    Does anyone have the text of restrictions for the Merseyside Day Saver? The off-peak day returns it replaced used to be valid when starting the journey before 06:31. The Merseyrail webpage says 'not valid for travel between 06.31 and 09.29' National Rail just says 'valid from 9:30', so...
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    Network Railcard

    Is there any way of buying a Network Railcard from outside the area? (As I would be using it before I arrive in the area). I assumed that they would be available to order online, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I suppose, in the worst case, I can try and get someone to buy one and...
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    Why are trains so expensive?

    Compared to cars, trains are just so expensive! I wanted to buy some small trains for an exercise - I tried a number of shops and each had a good choice of cars for less than £1.50; sports cars, police cars, military vehicles, etc.. For £7 I could get an assortment of 32 cars, yet the...
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    16:05 Carlisle to Holyhead

    Does anyone know what this is about? Is it actually going to be running at those times? If you can't read the image - Eastcoast, is showing a direct Carlisle to Holyhead service today at 16:05; first stop Wigan, presumably over the Settle and Carlisle, then onwards to Holyhead (with a...
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    Odd East Coast Advance fares

    These prices are first class advance fares, on the same service York to Kings Cross; £39.50 Darlington to Kings Cross; £94.00 Durham to Kings Cross; £67.40 Newcastle to Kings Cross; £74.70 It doesn't seem to be an isolated case either, Darlington seems to generally have less...
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    More Virgin website dishonesty

    I haven't seen this particular piece of nonsense mentioned on here, but I have been busy! On their website - e.g. search for Coventry to Reading 07:11 Coventry 08:14 London Euston 09:00 London Paddington 09:26 Reading Station 2:15 journey time although I imagined that taking the direct...
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    split ticket problems

    I had a return portion of a lichfield to Liverpool off peak return ( no break off journey restrictions), so I bought a Stafford to London ticket. Virgin train manager has just told me that I must buy a new ticket to Stafford. When I refused he told me that police will be waiting for me at...
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    Regus Business Lounges

    I just found out that I can get a free Regus Businessworld card, giving access to their business lounges. Has anyone used them before? Is it worth hunting one down for free coffee and wifi?
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    Brickwork in Cuttings

    I was asked about the seemingly random brickwork (and stonework) in the cuttings approaching Lime St. I assume that this has been added, as needed, to fill in gaps in the wall, but I don't really know. Does anyone here know?
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    Reading to Eastbourne validities

    The journey is Reading to Eastbourne via Gatwick, leaving on Friday on the 16:34 . None of the websites (Nationalrail, trainline, eastcoast, northern) say the off-peak return is valid, either for the Any Permitted or the (required) 'Not London' ticket. As far as I can see they both have...
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    Ilkley DalesBus

    Is the Ilkley DalesBus ticket still available? I can't find any official information. If so, will they be able to issue it at Bradford? Are there any railcard discounts? Thanks.
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    Tickets for ISIHAC

    I'm not sure if this counts as spam, I couldn't find anything more specific in the rules, but I'm sure someone will tell me if it's a problem..... Anyway, due to a fault with the online booking system, I have 3 extra tickets for the recording of I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue in Gateshead on...
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    Travelodge Sale

    It's not supposed to have started yet, but there are a number of £10 rooms available at the moment; London City Road seem to have most days at £10 / £12.50
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    County Championship

    I just wondered if anyone else was not getting any work done watching the outcome.... I though it was all over yesterday when Hampshire followed on, but now Warwickshire still need another 5 wickets and are 100 runs behind. Lancs need 180 runs in the last session to win - this should be...
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    More G4S bashing

    We know that their railway staff have limited ticket knowledge, but it seems that their cricket staff are just as ignorant!