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  1. moonrakerz

    Waterloo to Aylesford routeing.

    Would very much appreciate some help on which routes are permitted on a certain journey. Have tried the Routeing Guide and my local station - even more confused ! Journey is from Waterloo East to Aylesford on an Off Peak Return. The booking website (FGW) says the route is via/change at...
  2. moonrakerz

    FGW 10% off Advance Singles: Not quite such a BIG deal !

    e-mail shot from FGW..................... "plus 10% off your first online booking" "A tasty 10% off your first online booking" "an indulgent 10% off" "book online for 10% off" "book now and get 10% off" ..........most of this in garish FGW pink so that you get the...
  3. moonrakerz

    The Cathedrals Express - 12 Apr

    Britannia leaving Warminster this afternoon.
  4. moonrakerz

    Drought effects on steam excursions

    I am considering booking on a steam excursion (in June) to the drought hit South East. Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas/information as to what effects a full blown drought order would have on steam trains ? I note the Ts & Cs say: "............will use its best efforts to provide steam...
  5. moonrakerz

    2 surviving broad gauge locos

    May be of interest to some people........... See under the entry for Ponta Delgada.
  6. moonrakerz

    "Britannia" - Bath Spa Express 17 Aug

    Does anyone know what happened to Britannia yesterday at Warminster ? It arrived and stopped (unscheduled) in a huge cloud of steam. The crew seemed very interested in what was happening under the cab. As it came into the station they were leaning out and looking down - and on the video they can...
  7. moonrakerz

    BritRail London Plus Pass (not to be confused with BritRail Pass)

    Am I correct in saying that a BritRail London Plus Pass can be used on part of a journey just as "normal" split tickets can ? I have friends from the USA visiting. They wish to come to Warminster from London (WAT). The cheaper London Plus Pass will cover them as far as Salisbury. If they buy a...
  8. moonrakerz

    How to "win friends and ............" !!!

    A polite request from the gallery to "move round a bit" got a response of "NO" ............... (Waiting for Oliver Cromwell this evening.)
  9. moonrakerz

    59 001

    Saw this at Westbury this morning. Looked very smart in new paint job - even the bell had been cleaned !
  10. moonrakerz

    "Smart" fare dodgers - even smarter guard !

    I was travelling from Dover to Rochester on Wed afternoon. Train stops at little rural stop; young couple pass my seat at a brisk trot (presumably having just got on), bulldozing little old lady out of the way. Couple both go into toilet. Couple of minutes later guard appears, checks little...
  11. moonrakerz

    Don't people look or listen ??

    I went from Warminster to Salisbury and back today - both ways on SWT. On arrival at Salisbury, there was a young lady in front of me, by the door, on her mobile telling someone she had got on the wrong train - and how long would it take to get from Salisbury to Bristol. On the return, when...
  12. moonrakerz

    Same route, different fares from different TOCs !

    Several weeks ago I posted a query about a planned rail journey which seemed to show that the websites of different TOCs were not delivering the same info. I have just come across another, more extreme example - what is going on ? I wish to travel from WMN to MHS. Planned route : WMN to...
  13. moonrakerz

    Who owns/does what on the railways ?

    Can anyone recommend a good book (or even a detailed website) that details the relationship between all the various entities that have attached themselves to Britain's railway network. The sort of questions I would like answered are: What/how does franchisee ABC Rail Ltd pay to the...
  14. moonrakerz

    National Rail/Tube/DLR

    I wish to make a journey to East London, intended (best) route is: National Rail to WAT, Jubilee Line to Canning Town, DLR to Custom House for Excel. National Rail website says: "Travelling to London and continuing your journey by Tube or DLR If you are making one single or return journey...
  15. moonrakerz

    New platform access ramp....

    In another thread I briefly mentioned my local station's new access ramp. I feel this wondrous edifice is deserving of a a bit more praise/ridicule. I understand the provision of this ramp is to meet the latest Disability Laws - no comment on that ! However I have been fascinated by the...
  16. moonrakerz

    The longer the distance, the cheaper it becomes !

    I was buying Advance tickets on the FGW website yesterday from Warminster to Rochester, a fairly common event. Usual route taken is: WMN to WAT (through train), WAE to RTR; splitting tickets at ABW. Fare £13.30 single. It has been possible to get a marginally cheaper fare (saving 10p) by going...
  17. moonrakerz

    The first cuckoo of spring ??
  18. moonrakerz

    Complimentary Refreshments on FGW 1st Class

    If I travel from Westbury (Wilts) to Paddington on a 1st Class ticket, I get free coffee and bikkies on the train. If I do the same journey via Bath Spa (quite legal routing !) the journey from Westbury to Bath is on Standard Class only rolling stock. However, there is a trolley service...
  19. moonrakerz

    Can't collect tickets - again !

    Yet again I have purchased Advance tickets on line and have been unable to collect them. I ordered and paid for them last night, went to my local station to collect them this morning - to find both ticket machines U/S and the ticket office empty and locked up; at 10am and again at about 2pm...
  20. moonrakerz

    Useful Information ?

    From the National Rail website: "info" on my local station ! Self service "customer service" ? Self service "lost property" ?