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  1. Blinkbonny

    Is Trainsplit down?

    I can see journeys, but I can't get an itinerary or book anything. Been like that for over 24 hours for me. 1607876003 The app appears to work, but can't tailor journeys like on the website.
  2. Blinkbonny

    The Severn Beach Line

    Got a trip lined up tomorrow to visit the Severn Beach Line. I'm only going as I've got a friend down there and I thought here's a chance to get off my usual beaten track. I wasn't expecting much - but looking in an old guide it makes the claim: " the Severn Beach line is held by some to be...
  3. Blinkbonny

    Which Site mails you when Advances become available?

    I remember there is one that emails you when they become available, but I've forgotten which. They seem to be working to a different availability window to when I last booked. Is that right?
  4. Blinkbonny

    Station Suffixes

    Hi Trying to come up with a quiz on station suffixes that have now disappeared, although the station remains. Struggling a little off the top of my head. So far I've got: Bank Top Citadel Castle St Marks Thorpe I'm sure you've got a couple of hundred more. Appreciate it. Thanks. P.S. Did...
  5. Blinkbonny

    Crewe to "Manchester Stations"

    I've got an advance ticket Crewe to Manchester and just assumed I would have to go to Piccadilly, but what does the wording "Manchester Stations" mean? Does it give further options? I want to get to Victoria and thought I would need to catch a tram, but the wording implies not.
  6. Blinkbonny

    Coventry to Spalding disrupted journey (complex issue)

    Here's a complicated one if anybody fancies having a go at it. My son was wishing to travel from Coventry to Spalding yesterday, coming back today. It didn't seem possible as I assume there is no service from Spalding on Sundays. I told him to travel to Spalding on Saturday but would have to...
  7. Blinkbonny

    Ticket Restriction to Lichfield Trent Valley

    Whilst buying a Day return from Blake Street to Lichfield TV (Two stops - ten minute journey. £2.70) from the machine at New Street, I was astounded to be informed that my ticket was not valid via Southsea Hoverport! Well, that was my day's travel scuppered, I can tell you, and obviously I...
  8. Blinkbonny

    Auto Delay Repay to the Rescue

    Every time I go to Lancaster something seems to go wrong - so obviously I was up there on Wednesday attempting to travel back to the West Midlands. I was killing time before catching the 14.57 Virgin, queuing to buy a ticket for the Castle Guided Tour, when at 12.15 I got a text advising me my...
  9. Blinkbonny

    BBC Archive "Back to School" (1949)

    Reminiscent of the Evacuee trains, but an aspect of a different world:
  10. Blinkbonny

    Varied Advice on the Railway...

    So (as the young people say) I'm travelling First Class from Middlesbrough to Coventry. The cheapest way of doing it (courtesy of TrainSplit) is TransPennine Advance to Lancaster, then Virgin Advance to Coventry. It is by no means the quickest option, but I'm a leisure traveller and I enjoy the...
  11. Blinkbonny

    Which train company responsible for onward travel?

    Oh dear. Sorted out my niece with a split ticket Cardiff to Edinburgh (via Trainsplit), but now of course I'm worried if it all goes wrong. Supposing her TFW train gets into Manchester (due 14.13) too late for her to catch her 14.26 Cross-Country to Edinburgh. Who is responsible for her onward...
  12. Blinkbonny

    Upgrading a Virgin Advance Comp

    I've got a Complimentary Standard Advance Virgin Return. The trains I'm looking at are only £4 dearer (at the moment) for First Class over the Standard. Is there any chance of booking my Comp Standard and then paying some sort of difference to have First Class? Using my Comp I obviously want to...
  13. Blinkbonny

    Parsley Sidings (fictional location)

    I am immensely confused as to the exact location of Parsley Sidings as featured in the Radio4 Extra documentary series: It appears to be a small country station, answerable to St Pancras, with only a few trains per day (most of which...
  14. Blinkbonny

    First Class Host restricting food...

    I'm on the WCML Virgin service boarding at Preston. After Warrington the Host comes by with the food trolley shouting "Any passengers traveling past Wolverhampton?" I order some food, and she asks me where I'm going. As it happens I am travelling past Wolverhampton, but why should that matter...
  15. Blinkbonny

    Pass Holder?

    Asking for an alcoholic drink in Virgin First Class, I am asked "You're not a Pass Holder are you?" What's one of them? And does it mean that if I had been I couldn't have had one? Or would I have got a double on a sort of mates rates principle?
  16. Blinkbonny

    What's so special about Aberdeen First Class Lounge?

    More difficult to get into than Fort Knox! No this ticket, no that ticket. No Advances. Never realised there was different classes of First Class travel. Grand result was I saw the sum total of ONE person sitting in it over the course of three days passing. Must have been Royalty.
  17. Blinkbonny

    Virgin Delay Repay- What am I supposed to do now?

    On the 18th March I was travelling from Coventry to Liverpool on an Advance Single for a very reasonable Senior Discounted £6.95. I travelled, as per ticketing, Coventry to New Street (WMR). Virgin from New Street to Crewe, and then was due a forty minute wait for a connecting Virgin Euston to...