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    Edinburgh to Glasgow Groupsave?

    Does this still exists for purchase at ticket office on day of travel? 6 of us going for a day trip, not showing up online but I've heard of them many moons ago...
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    Any ways to reduce Edinburgh-Glasgow fares?

    Sadly I have no more of the £1 tickets, my girlfriend lives in Edinburgh and I live in Glasgow so it has been very useful. However I'm going to be moving through there in 6 weeks, so my question is, I have 3 more return trips Glasgow to Edinburgh (going peak evening and returning peak morning)...
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    Edinburgh - Inverness - Glasgow

    I want to get from Edinburgh to Inverness on 11 Oct and then Inverness to Glasgow on 13 Oct. All cheap advances gone. If I buy an off peak return Edinburgh - Inverness will that work, so on 13th travelling from 'Inverness to Edinburgh via Glasgow' and just breakng journey at Queen St and never...
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    Glasgow - Winchester

    Not going until August but trying to gauge a price for this for a potential festival visit. Going down Thursday and back on Monday, leaving Glasgow morning 8:00-10:00, returning from Winchester around 12:00. Might also want to go Wednesday Glasgow - London, Thursday London - Winchester and...
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    Glasgow - Dundee (via Edinburgh)

    In a couple of weeks I want to do the following trip. Friday Glasgow - Edinburgh (off peak) Saturday Edinburgh - Dundee Saturday Dundee - Edinburgh Sunday Edinburgh - Glasgow. I'm assuming I can't just get a normal return for the outward journey as no split is allowed, is that correct...
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    Cheapest Edinbugh to Glasgow Single?

    Can you still get CC only tickets for mad cheap. I'm looking to make this journey in a couple of hours,
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    Rail Tour at Pollockshields West

    A West Highland Railways double loco pulling various old carriages with a lot of passengers some with their heads out the windows just went passed me at Pollockshields West, what is it and why is it here and where is it going? Seems like the most unlikely route ever, a bog standard commuter line...
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    Pendo or Voyager?

    Travelling Glasgow - Brum, both times changing at Carlisle. I know the Glasgow to Carlisle legs will be on the Euston Pendolino but can anyone tell me what the Carlisle - Brum legs will be, it's the Virgin Edinburgh - Brum service and from what I've seen on here can be Voyager or Pendolino...
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    Class 320 Scotrail

    I used to live in the North Clyde and Argyle lines and ever since the 320s were introduced years and years ago they only ever operated through Glasgow Queen St low level, never Central. I know they rearranged the stock when Airdrie to Bathgate came in which meant all the 314s which used to...
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    Trivia: Station with most TOCs?

    My commute ends in Glasgow Central (high level), on occasions I see VT, XC TPE and of course Scotrail all at the same time on the platforms. I have seen a Northern 158 once but this is a rarity, it's from Newcastle and pretty much always Scotrail but once in a blue moon it's Northern. So...
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    Northern Rail Newcastle - Glasgow

    When did this begin and what is the point in it? Nobody is going to use it Newcastle - Glasgow with EC/XC infinitely faster. Nobody is going to use it Carlisle - Glasgow with VT/TPE inifinitely faster and for all stops between Carlisle and Glasgow surely it's infringing on Scotrail territory...
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    Bristol - Cardiff (Avoiding Engineering Works This Sunday)

    I’m travelling from Bristol (staying nearer Temple Meads but can go from either) to Cardiff this coming Sunday (returning same day), National Rail Enquiries keeps giving me Bristol Temple Meads (BRI) – Bristol Parkway (BPW) – (bus) – Newport (NWP) – Cardiff (CDF) taking a couple of hours. I...
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    Sleeper question need quick answer

    I've got an off peak return, London terminals to glasgow, will that get me on tonight's sleeper and if so seat only? If seat only how much would I need to pay for a berth?
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    Super Off Peak Return

    I've got a Super Off Peak return, is this valid only on the train that I have a reservation for or can I use it on a later one that day? It's a London to Glasgow 9.30am a week on Monday that I am using the return portion, just in case I feel like a lazy morning and getting a later one.
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    Wembley - Luton/Heathrow - Help

    I want to go the Carling Cup Final at Wembley on Sunday 26 Feb. I need to fly back to Glasgow that night. The game kicks off at 4pm, lets assume the longest possible game and it goes to penalties so I don’t get out the ground until 7pm. My flight option are BA from Heathrow at 9.15pm or...
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    Scotrail Class 320 Refurbs

    I used to use these daily on the North Clyde line but have now moved to a different area of Glasgow. Was back on one last night and I think they look terrible in the blue saltire livery (which I think looks smart on all other trains in the fleet), look daft with the green seats still on the...
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    Gatwick - Wembley - Luton

    Due to flight times I need to make this journey in the same day, anyone advise what ticket I need, where to buy it and how much it costs? A single Gatwick to Luton Airport Parkway is £24.20 but I'm guessing the tube part of that won't get me out to Wembley? It's on a Sunday.
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    Glasgow - Cardiff: Splitting Advances?

    This is a very simple question but in the past when I’ve split tickets I’ve always been on the same train. I’m looking to travel Glasgow to Cardiff and save an absolute fortune (over £100) by getting a TPE advance Glasgow – Man Picc and then an ATW advance Man Picc – Cardiff I’ll be leaving...
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    SPT Zonecard Increases?

    Anyone know if these are going up and if so by how much? I'm not back in my office until next week and there is no info on the SPT website but my mate who has a Scotrail ST has had his go up from £41 to £45 p/m, I'm currently about £59 for a 4 week 2 Zone with SPT, can I expect a standard 6%...
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    Virgin 1st Class - First trip

    Going Glasgow to London this Friday on the 14:40, got first class tickets which will be my first time in FC on any TOC, what can I expect? It talks about complimentery drinks, does this mean I can neck as many beers as I like?