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    Simple Northern delay repay

    I travelled from Chesterfield to Sheffield on the 06:53 on 16th December, and arrived 16 minutes late. Northern claim the delay was 11 minutes, which seems quite a big discrepancy. The original claim and subsequent appeal were rejected and I spoke to Customer Relations who checked with a...
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    Delay repay data sources

    Hello, I've been reading some existing threads, none of which seems to have a concrete answer. I was delayed for 15 minutes into Chesterfield on, but Northern have denied the claim, citing a 14-minute delay. Could somebody...
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    Oyster same station exit

    Hello, I'm trying to work out how to claim a refund for touching in and out at the same station, but the link on that help page to "Claim a refund online" just takes me to the Oyster login and then my account home page. I can't find anywhere to actually claim the refund. While I can see the...
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    Calculating refund for no first class with season ticket

    Where the following part of the NRCoT applies, and a season ticket is held, how exactly is the refund calculated? It's unclear which first class and standard class fares will be used.
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    Can standard class accommodation be reclassified to first?

    Occasionally when trains are short-formed during busy times, some or all of the first class areas are declassified to reduce overcrowding (at least in EMT-land). But today's announcement had the opposite effect - due to a short train we were advised that "the whole of Coach D is now for first...
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    Oyster, Gatwick and capping

    Hello, I made a number of journeys yesterday using my Oyster card, which is linked up to my 16-25 Railcard. All of the journeys were after 10am. First, I took the Thameslink from Gatwick to St Pancras, for which the fare is £5.30. I then made a number of Underground journeys within zones...
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    South Yorkshire RailMaster

    Does anybody know whether this product is classed as a Season Ticket and covered by the NRCoC, for the purposes of being able to obtain a replacement for a lost ticket under Section 34? Having spoken to the South Yorkshire PTE I was advised that the product is issued by "National Rail"...
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    Poor quality ticket printing

    How badly does a TVM need to be printing tickets before something gets done about it? For example: It's particularly irritating that the price is unreadable, for example, as this will make it a lot harder to claim back the cost of the tickets from work!
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    Should my season ticket be blue?

    So I bought my season ticket (annual Chesterfield to Sheffield) and was expecting an actually durable blue bi-laminate ticket but received a regular orange one. Interestingly none of the fields are labelled, i.e. it has the expiry date but doesn't say 'Valid until', it says STD but not...
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    Chesterfield to Sheffield commuting

    Hi all, I will soon need to commute between Chesterfield and Sheffield three days per week at peak times. I have so far learned the following: An Anytime Day Return costs £6.40, so that'd work out at £19.20 a week (except in July and August when I could use a railcard discount). An annual...
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    Cannot collect tickets

    Hi I purchased a ticket via my journey online via East Midlands Trains website It said it would be ready for collection within fifteen minutes but it's been half an hour and the machine won't accept my code. I need to travel on the 0056 which is the last train this evening but there...
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    Railcard minimum fare on Travelcard

    Hi Would the £12 minimum fare apply to a paper off-peak day travelcard when using my 16-25 railcard? (If I have a Zone 1-6 travelcard priced at 5.90, can I really not use it before 10am?) Cheers
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    Rail travel voucher expiry

    I am at Westcombe park station trying to use a rail travel voucher issued by East Coast. The voucher states "Valid for TWELVE months from 21 Aug 2012". The station manager is insisting that the voucher expired on 20 July and won't accept it! But I believed 12 months to be until 20 Aug 13? Can...
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    Travelcards ordered online - changes?

    I have just purchased advance tickets for several journeys through East Midlands Trains online, and added a paper travelcard to each journey. The problem is that I have absent-mindedly selected Zones 1-2 instead of 1-4. The difference is only 70p (Off-Peak). Does anybody know of any way of...
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    The Booking Office Cannot Issue Pre-Paid Tickets

    I was travelling via Morpeth when I noticed the following sign posted on the only TVM in the station, which was out of order. The sentence which has been highlighted: I am curious as to the plausibility of this, especially given the suggestion of boarding a train armed with only a...
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    Boundary Zone 6 to Gatwick Airport

    If I buy the £3.25 Anytime Day Single from Boundary Zone 6 to Gatwick Airport, can I (easily) use this and my travelcard on the Gatwick Express? Note that it has route Any Permitted (unlike similar questions I have found in previous posts when searching).
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    ID for e-tickets

    So I was just about to book an advance ticket through the CrossCountry website (for seat selection). I notice now that when an e-ticket is available there is a fee even for station collection, which is annoying if you don't have a printer. Anyway, while looking at the available choices of ID...
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    AP booking horizons with connections

    This is probably a simple question - if booking an Advance ticket across multiple TOCs, does one need to wait for Advance tickets to be released on each TOC before the through ticket is available, or is it only the main TOC (for example East Coast & Connections) who need to have released their...
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    EC Rewards Lounge Pass

    I've a few questions if anyone has tried using one of the lounge passes available for 50 points from East Coast Rewards. I've been searching the EC website for a while on several occasions and don't have much of an answer to any of these. (Even if you haven't used one, please feel free to...
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    [Expired] 90% off RW3 on Steam (£2.49) and 50% off DLC

    There is a very short-term offer on RW3 (TS2012) on Steam at the moment, it's 90% off costing £2.49 or with the Horseshoe Curve expansion the total is £2.99. Enjoy!