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    Multi Purpose Vehicles

    Just a few questions around these units. How many of these units were built? Also aside from Rail Head Treatment Trains what else are they predominantly used for? Where are they based and are they all based at the same place? Are there any stored or scrapped? Thanks in advance Chris
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    Virgin Voyager Single Track

    Other than the Britannia Bridge across from mainland Wales to Anglesey, is there any other piece of single track line that Virgin Voyagers are booked to traverse in passenger service?
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    Class 222 with East Midlands Trains

    I have been wondering about the formations of these trains with EMT. They currently have six seven-car trains, four four-car trains and seventeen five-car trains. Wouldn't it be easier to diagram if they took two cars out of two of the seven car trains and distributed them between the four car...
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    London Midland Class 153 - NXEA Loan

    Good Evening Folks, I was just wondering through the old threads and stumbled across the thread on the LM 153s being loaned to replace the Subury Branch damaged 156 and was interested to know the following: Have they now returned to LM? If so when did they head back to the midlands? I...
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    Downham Market to Rotherhithe

    I'm looking for a fare from downham market to rotherhithe and whilst the journey planner on NRES shows a journey it dows not show fares? Does a fare exist and if so how much is it :o) Help please :)
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    Saw it heading clockwise on the M25 yesterday between the A1 and M11 junctions. Does anyone have any ideas where it was heading?
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    North Wales to East Anglia

    Evening folks, Got a bit of a problem; i'm struggling to find cheap fares for the journey outlined below: Bangor (Gwynedd) to Brandon,Thetford or Ely and return Need to arrive mid afternoon on 31st July Leave mid/late morning on 1st August 1 Adult and 1 Child no railcards Crosscountry or via...
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    Men with flags

    Quick question: As I walked to work just before 12 there were two network rail dudes in orange jackets with chequered flags standing beside the lines any ideas what they would be doing/ what the flags would be for?
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    The Great Eastern Explorer

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone knows the due time of Tornado passing Brandon station on Friday 28th? My parents want to see it, gutted I have still yet to see her on the mainline. Thanks in advance Chris
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    North Wales Circular Trip

    Hi, Me and the other half and two friends are wanting to do the circular rail trip around North Wales starting at Bangor to Llandudno Junction, down the Conwy Valley along the Ffestiniog then down the Cambrian Coast Line to Shrewsbury and back up via Wrexham and Chester then along the coast...
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    Overnight at Holyhead

    Evening all, Does anyone know how many trains of which unit type are stored at Holyhead overnight ready for the next morning? I know there are ecs movements as I live right next to the line between the Britannia Bridge and Bangor Station and hear them go past later at night but I wasn't sure...
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    Cotswold Rail

    Is Cotswold Rail still trading after the collapse and wind up of Advenza Freight? If so what locomotives do they still have in their name. I have tried to find some bits and pieces on the web but haven't found anything indicating either way. Thanks Chris
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    I have been reading lots of posts about South West Trains and quite a few people seem to have a downer on them about the desiros and prices etc. From personal relatively substantial experience I have never had a problem with them and to date have not found: an unhelpful member of staff, a dirty...
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    Overnight work between Bangor and the Britannia Bridge

    Does anyone know what overnight work was scheduled for between Bangor and the Britannia Bridge last night, it kept me awake for over an hour. I couldn't see what type of track machine was doing the work. Any information gratefully recieved Chris