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    Stansted Airport to Ipswich

    Hello, Looking to travel from Stansted Airport to Ipswich on 19 December and Ipswich to London Liverpool St on 27 December. Have a 26-30 Railcard. Am I right in thinking I can buy an Off Peak Return from Stansted Airport to Ipswich Not via London for £18.15 and excess the return part to Any...
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    Didcot to London validity advice

    A friend is looking to travel from Didcot to London on a weekday but come back to Oxford. Is an Oxford to London Off Peak Return (SVR) valid on the 0929 service from Didcot to Paddington? According to the restriction code, it is valid for leaving Oxford after 0910 and leaving Didcot after...
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    Continuing journey on day two on Off Peak Return

    Hello, My friend wants to travel from Basingstoke to Stevenage. He wants to travel on Friday afternoon, break his journey at Clapham Junction overnight and continue to Stevenage on Saturday. He'll return from Stevenage on Sunday i.e. Basingstoke to Clapham Junction - Friday afternoon...
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    Nottingham to Glastonbury split tickets

    Hello, I have a friend who wants to travel from Nottingham to Glastonbury (Castle Cary) in June. I have found a saving on the through fare by buying the following tickets: Nottingham to Cheltenham Spa - Advance Singles Cheltenham Spa to Castle Cary - Off Peak Return The problem is that...
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    0944 Bristol-Plymouth Saturday 26 October

    I am planning on travelling on the 0944 CrossCountry train Bristol Temple Meads - Plymouth train tomorrow (Saturday 26 October). I believe this is the 0600 from Leeds. This train is a normal part of the timetable and was on journey planners last week. But now it has vanished from journey...
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    Bristol to Chester - 8/9 Feb

    Hello, I am looking for your advice on what tickets you would recommend for Bristol Temple Meads to Chester. I have a 16-25 railcard. Outward: Friday 8 Feb Bristol Temple Meads 17:54 - Chester 20:58 via Newport I can't leave Bristol before 17:30 (and even that is tight) and want to get to...
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    Overcharged between London and Ipswich with invalid Advance ticket?

    Hello, A friend of mine travelled from London to Ipswich today. He had a railcard-discounted Advance ticket, but missed his train due to a late coach arrival in London, so he got the following train 30 minutes later. When the conductor came round, he had to buy a new ticket as his Advance...
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    Brighton-Bournemouth via Portsmouth?

    Hello, Is an Off Peak Return from Brighton to Bournemouth valid via Portsmouth (Southsea and/or Harbour) including break of journey there? Thanks.
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    Aldeburgh J617

    Hello, There is a destination in Avantix called 'Aldeburgh Bus' code J617. I would assume this would mean getting a train to Saxmundham and the bus from Saxmundham to Aldeburgh, as it has no station. I cannot, however, find any fares to this destination. Do you know if a through ticket like...
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    Manchester to Macclesfield Sunday 10 July

    Hello, My friend may be travelling from Manchester Piccadilly to Macclesfield one way, on Sunday 10 July. However, there are engineering works until mid-afternoon with various rail replacement bus options listed in the journey planners including (but probably not limited to): a) Train to...
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    Ipswich-Coventry Advance Singles

    Hello, Advance singles from Ipswich to Coventry are routed +VWC+Connections with a reservation ticket from Ipswich to London and London to Coventry. I have heard that on +Connections tickets you can sometimes travel on another train for the connecting part, so in this case would it be possible...