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  1. johnnychips

    Hypotheses for the geographical distribution of Covid

    Let me say I have genuine sympathy for any victims of COVID and their families to start with, as what follows might seem a bit abstract. I have been really fascinated by how the virus is distributed through the UK, and I have an idea that at the moment that the places with the highest rates...
  2. johnnychips


    A long time ago, a mink coat was seen as a sign of success for a brash, vulgar woman who wanted to show off. Now, with animal activism and changing fashions, I thought those days had died. So why have Denmark - one country - so many mink?
  3. johnnychips

    Trivia - Intervisibility of tram stops.

    There have been a few threads about stations where you can see other stations from them. I wonder about tram stops. I’ll start with Supertram in Sheffield, where if you are stood at Castle Square stop, you can see Cathedral to the west and Fitzalan Square/Ponds Forge to the east. So that’s...
  4. johnnychips

    Google maps inaccurate

    There has been a thread about the demise of Traveline recently, and many people suggested that it was irrelevant as Google Maps could be used instead. I went walking on the Norfolk coast today and found a bus from Happisburgh to Stalham on Google Maps at 1650, also on It was...
  5. johnnychips

    Norfolk Ranger?

    Despite much Googling, I can’t find a day ranger ticket for Norfolk that covers buses and/or trains like the Derbyshire Wayfarer does. Is there such a thing? In particular I would like to visit the north coast and Walsingham from Norwich for a day out.
  6. johnnychips

    Really strange PIS pronunciations

    Currently sat on a 195 to Sheffield. The PIS lady pronounced Hope, not rhyming as ‘rope’, but ‘Howp’ (in fact the train is in this station now, and she’s done it again). It has the vowel sound of ‘cow’. This is weird. I can understand perhaps the wrong stresses, but this is way out. I know...
  7. johnnychips


    I couldn’t really find an existing thread to post the point I want to make, but to be fair, there haven’t been many posts on the quarantine from Spain, and now Belgium. I’m currently in quarantine from Spain, and I’ve been a good boy. I went straight from my flight to Stockport on the bus and...
  8. johnnychips

    Face Coverings - Advice on usage.

    Moderator note : posts #1 - #4 originally in this thread Serious question, how long are you supposed to wear a disposable mask for before...erm...disposing of it? I use mine on trains and buses for about two hours a day, shove it in my pocket in between, then maybe throw it away after three...
  9. johnnychips

    If there were a general election in a month, whom would you vote for to most effectively get us out of this mess?

    In the last general election, I voted for the Yorkshire Party, as I knew the leader’s mother and he was a good chap. Normally I vote Labour, but I figured that my local candidate would get in anyway and in any case I didn’t like her much (Oops she lost her seat!). Now all this stuff about...
  10. johnnychips

    Powers of a person at a station

    Unfortunately there was a very similar thread, which was just closed down before I could reply to it. I have a South Yorkshire Travelmaster card. It looks like a credit card, and you can load various tickets on it. If you wanted the ’supreme’ version - South Yorkshire Connect Plus - which...
  11. johnnychips

    Recycling centre experiences during Covid19 pandemic

    How is your tip? I probably should say recycling centre, but you know what I mean. I’ve produced a lot of waste recently, because of moving from a house to a flat, and doing up another house. This involves the authorities of Sheffield and Doncaster MBCs, neither of which closed during the...
  12. johnnychips

    What is a ‘deep clean’?

    I have seen many times on the forum that carriages are going to have a ‘deep clean’ as part of refurbishment. What does this entail?
  13. johnnychips

    Anywhere open at 0530 near Victoria Coach Station?

    I think the title is self-explanatory: my coach arrives at 0520 and the next leaves at 0700. This is Saturday. Are there any cafes open nearby? Tried Google but not getting anywhere.
  14. johnnychips

    Through tickets on Eurostar

    There seems to be speculation that there will no longer be through tickets from parts of the U.K. onto Eurostar; or it could be that you just can’t buy tickets from a place in the U.K. to London CIV. Has anybody any information about this? While I am here if you do book from the regions on...
  15. johnnychips

    Do not travel! [Kings Cross weekend closures Jan/Feb 2020]

    This is a bit of a stern warning at Doncaster tonight! (The image is of the station concourse info screen saying: Special Notice. No trains to London on Sat 25th and Sun 26th Jan 2020. DO NOT TRAVEL) So no RRBs (Rail Replacement Buses), no chance of going by Sheffield or Lincoln? What if...
  16. johnnychips

    My Rail Forums Xmas wish list For 2020

    Not a list of trains I’d like to see but ... Thank you so much to all people that administer and run this site. You must put hours and hours into it, and you must take ages to read and moderate it. You have my sincere gratitude, and I bet a load of posters on here agree. My wish list for the...
  17. johnnychips

    Shapps to reverse Beeching cuts There was an article in the Metro this morning about Grant Shapps’ aspirations to open miles of closed railways, referring to those closed in the Beeching age, alongside a box with a picture of Beeching...
  18. johnnychips

    WiFi thoughts

    This is just a bit of a general chat. On LNER/Virgin East Coast you used to get 15 free minutes and it invariably worked. Yet on the last two times I’ve used it, when you get unlimited access, it hasn’t worked at all (Class 91, then an old HST). Then the Eurostar to Brussel and back on the new...
  19. johnnychips

    Ferrovie del Sud-Est, Italy - Experiences? And Electrification!

    One of my favourite railway books is Italian Ways by Tim Parks. He recounts unexpectedly finding a separate railway from the main Italian system, unadvertised, and seemingly having a really quaint and informal way of running. This is the Ferrovie del Sud-Est, running in the 'heel' of Italy...
  20. johnnychips

    Bristol Airport to Salisbury. How can you buy tickets ?

    Morning. This summer, I have three sixteen year-olds flying from Spain into Bristol Airport. They need to go to Salisbury. I have found a fare of £39 off-peak return. As they will not have credit cards to pick up a pre-booked ticket (and I don't know if the airport has a machine), will it be...