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  1. bus man

    Impact of Storm "Christoph" (January 2021)

    Rotherham Central closed till noon concern at nearby river
  2. bus man

    Flooding Disruption 31 July/1 August

    A few updates etc Unless I’ve read it wrong the national Rail site totally ignores the Transpenine Sheffield - Huddersfield - Manchester Picc service. The press are quoting the police as saying they hope to get the residents back into homes by end of week Therefore the hope valley will have...
  3. bus man

    Trespass incident at Manchester Piccadilly (11/03)

    Unconfirmed reports - sorry I’ll ready covered - protests at kings cross and St Pancras Nfd
  4. bus man

    Trespass incident at Manchester Piccadilly (11/03)

    I do hope they arrests will / have been made because it sets a dangerous president if they haven’t. I was on sheffield station when this was unfolding lots of trains been held. Staff working very hard in difficult circumstances. It didn’t help as the announcements were still referring to...
  5. bus man

    Snow Service Changes 25/02/18 onwards.

    Looks like we now have problems on hope valley line; Train arrived sheffield 2220 hrs some three plus hours late
  6. bus man

    Remaining uses of Halon fire extinguishing equipment on railways

    Not sure if it’s the same gas but the police had an exemption on one of the banned fire extinguishers. They could use them if some one set fire to them self’s, if police were dealing with protest marches the extinguishers were carried otherwise they were banned the gas in them was very quick...
  7. bus man

    1A40 Penzance to Paddington GWR sleeper in trouble (19/11)

    I would also have been happy. Pity the crystal ball wasn’t working Sunday The stock for tonight’s Penzance to Padd sleeper is heading westwards as 5C99
  8. bus man

    1A40 Penzance to Paddington GWR sleeper in trouble (19/11)

    Showing as approaching totnes for last half hour. Wonder if it’s rexeiving attention or it’s in trouble again
  9. bus man

    Graffitti Attack on units stabled at Sheffield overnight on 13th May 17

    Understand it was 5 northern units and a transpenine
  10. bus man

    Graffitti Attack on units stabled at Sheffield overnight on 13th May 17

    Reports that units stabled at Sheffield over night possibly in what was called the fish dock / motorail siding have been subject to a graffitti stack. The units are reported to be in service. Nfd
  11. bus man

    "Bad Train Day" at Sheffield

    Now clear
  12. bus man

    "Bad Train Day" at Sheffield

    NE now reporting expected clear 1400
  13. bus man

    "Bad Train Day" at Sheffield

    National Rail now reporting till at least noon was to end of service
  14. bus man

    "Bad Train Day" at Sheffield

    66426 as come off at the points just north of the station. Therefore all lines are blocked north both the main line to Meadowhall and the line to woodburn junction - the worst possible scenario
  15. bus man

    Bus Stop Timetables

    The thing to remember is if a bus is showing countdown minuets then it is on its way it should reach you in that time. If the display shows you a time e.g. 1409 that is the time the bus is scheduled to arrive at that stop, however, the system can not find a bus which matches that journey. It...
  16. bus man

    Stations with tunnels next to them.

    Has bingley been mentioned yet
  17. bus man

    Ex-Berlin works tram in Sheffield

    It made it onto the MAINLINE at dead of night as far as Cathedral it then went to Sheffield Stagion and returned to depot, there are some photos of it on its travels. It would have been interesting to see it go up park grange road. It carried passangers at the first public depot open day in...
  18. bus man

    Bad news for Pensioners, Commuters etc in South Yorkshire

    No because central government won't allow it they want cuts. I suspect the current encts will be modified after the next election
  19. bus man

    "Circular" Bus Days Out with Rover tickets

    Currently in the north / midlands we have the Derbyshire wayfarer', the travelmaster for South Yorkshire and the metro day card for west Yorks. All do buses and trains and trams for sy
  20. bus man

    End of Pennine in Skipton?

    Went to Skipton today to see Pennine for last time sad to sees established operator with a well kept set go.