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  1. OuterDistant

    Bridge strikes at Stoke

    Prepare for a bit of disruption at Stoke-on-Trent this morning - a skip lorry struck this bridge just north of the station around 7:45. Happened right in front of me as I was walking towards work. Luckily it was right next to Stoke Power box and men from the Network Rail depot were on the...
  2. OuterDistant

    "Signalling problem at Longton" - two days!?

    According to NRE, buses have been replacing trains between Uttoxeter and Stoke since Friday evening due to a signalling problem at Longton. Is anyone able to expand on it? Two days seems a very long time for a problem at such a tiny box, unless something has gone wrong at Stoke Junction.
  3. OuterDistant

    Class 66 "half the cost of a 60" claim (1996)

    I was flicking through an old issue of Rail from 1996 at a second hand bookshop the other day, and saw a claim from the head of EWS (IIRC) saying that he expected the class 66s to come in at half the purchase cost of the 60s! :| Does anyone know if this actually turned out to be the case, or...
  4. OuterDistant

    Slightly bizarre 1st gen DMU question

    In this photo of a class 104, there's some light damage to the front end that looks like it's been hit by a shotgun! However, I've seen various photos of other DMUs over the years that show similar damage in exactly the same place. Anyone know what the cause of this was? Is it a bad spot for...