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    How much longer will social distancing go on for in the UK?

    I saw something yesterday about a big drop in numbers infected around London, did wonder if it was partly due to the new faster-spreading variant effectively burning itself out after 4 months.
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    New lockdown in England, including school closures, announced by Johnson, 4/1/21

    The other thing I saw along with the the 30% increase in deaths (which appears to be based on 60-somethings, who're infected with the two different variants) was a 70% increase in transmission rates, bits I'd be curious to see: 1) What figures are used to get a 70% increase, given the 30%...
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    I'm confused as to where all the trains fit at night...

    Back until just before Lockdown 1.0 I used to get the 05:59 to STP regularly, Northern usage was: Platform 2: formed the 06:03 to Lincoln via Sheffield, usually moved to Plat 3/4 and ran non-stop to Sheffield Platform 5: 06:06 All Stops to Sheffield Platform 6: Leeds (DMU, think this usually...
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    Weird train-related dreams

    Seems like I might've had too much cheese again :lol: , 3 separate (as far as I can remember) train-related dreams last night; 1 - Me and 5/6 others were on Holiday in York for a week, I was keeping clear the Thursday morning to go cycling. My plan to cycle down the old railway line to Hornsea...
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    "Clap For Carers" is back again

    Quiet here too, not sure whether it was due it being freezing cold or not, there was a few out on the Christmas Eve bell-ringing session. The original one was alright, nice weather, got to know some of the people down my street a bit better as a result, etc ... but what started out as clapping...
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    Forum Jokes

    There was an old lady from Slough Who once had a terrible cough She sounded quite rough But battled on through I think she is better now, though. first heard on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
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    Now Playing....

    been going through David Bowie albums this evening; Ziggy, Diamond Dogs, Low, Scary Monsters ... not quite got around to the Tin Machine stuff yet :|
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    MF DOOM // Daniel Dumile (1971-2020)

    Thanks, had a listen the other day & Radio 6 had some stuff on. Decent enough, not quite my thing but I enjoyed it :)
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    Trivia - Furthest you've seen someone carried beyond their intended stop

    Haven't been down to London in the last couple of years, but most of the times I came back I'd be on the Grand Central £10 ticket non-stop from KGX-DON. Last 3 or 4 times I did this the guard would announce a few times that the next stop was DON or that the service was non-stop to DON, and when...
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    New 4-tier system for England

    I think; like Scotland, but not quite as severe, possibly so he can make a point of saying that (even if they're not as effective) :|
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    MF DOOM // Daniel Dumile (1971-2020)

    :( Aware of him, never got round to listening in depth. Sad to hear it though :'(
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    New 4-tier system for England

    To be fair, on previous behaviour I was expecting them to leave it a few weeks longer and then giving people 4 or 5 days before the restrictions came in. I'm still in Tier 3 at the moment, after the initial Lockdown we did ok in South Yorkshire until September, when people were told to go back...
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    When will restrictions finally end?

    I've found them quite useful for keeping my mouth warm when I've been out walking a couple of times recently, a lot easier than faffing round with a scarf! :) I don't expect there to be much movement during January and February and I'm not sure if we'll get another National lockdown during...
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    Weird train-related dreams

    I was some sort of museum in Derby, near the station, set up to look like some sort of railway workshop. There was a room in the corner with something in, possibly a model railway but I can't remember if I went in. On the way home the 321 out of Doncaster was delayed while waiting for a Cross...
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    Grand Tour (Clarkson & Co) - running out of ideas?

    Not seen TGT, as the last several series of Top Gear on them on were starting to get a bit tired I decided not to bother, seen a few clips and it looked like more of the same but with a bigger budget. It's probably quite difficult after 20 years for them to get the same freshness as there was in...
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    Hanson lost a cement wagon at Clitheroe !

    There's a thread on abandoned railway vehicles;
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    Now Playing....

    Got my Christmas Eve CD's that aren't actually Christmas CD's on tonight (not at the same time, obviously); Pocket Satellite - 8-Bit Me Luke Haines - Rock & Roll Animals High Llama's - Beet, Maize & Corn
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    New 4-tier system for England

    This. I can appreciate that this is a fast-changing situation, but Johnson's constant habit of avoiding hard decisions until it's too late is getting a bit annoying. Whatever, I'm sure to him all of this will be everyone else's fault ...
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    'New variant' of coronavirus identified

    Can't help but think that this has just been mentioned when London's had to go into tier 3, and the way they're trying to spin it is "it's not because we kept London in Tier 2 and chose to let shops reopen just before Christmas, it's a new strain of the virus".
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    Weird train-related dreams

    I was looking for something to watch on some sort of streaming service, and decided to watch a show called "The Third Series", some sort of conspiracy thriller thing. On looking at a summary of the show it appeared that at the end of part 2 there was a mass shoot out between several characters...