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    A timetable for Cl421. cig open

    Hello again I have the Ashford to London route - open BVE and could not find the trains , which belong to the route, mainly due to the fact of broken links. I am using the above mentioned train. I have managed to find the time table, which is missing. Would anyone be able to give me...
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    Re - introduction

    Hello Everone I was a member of this forum last year when residing in New Zealand. Since then I have moved across to be closer with family and now live in Bendigo, Victoria ,Australia. I am still a keen BVE fan,ventured out a bit more into Open BVE and also MSTS. I want to say "hello"...
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    BVE2 Japanese railcar Kiha40_kame

    Hello Friends, Currently this train is giving me sound problems, only the horn. I tried to replace the horn with a different one, but pressing the enter key does not help. Could the file be corrupt? If you have a clean copy of this train, I would love a copy. Thanks & keep warm. Ed...
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    Mystery train ( Scot Rail )

    Hello Friends Have a look at enclosed picture, can you identify the train and if so do you have a copy, which you could sent to me ? Cheers, Ed Bakker
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    Influence of GV-NS84S-5121 on BVE 4

    Good morning all I used to run BVE2,4 and open BVE and in fact also in MSTS without the above mentioned Videocard, which I recently installed on my Dell 4700. I wanted to run Railsimulator. However, the inpact of the NVIDIA GEFORCE video card was strange, railsimulator could run, but did...
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    A beginner

    Hello Everyone Someone gave me a copy of Rail Simulator, which I installed on my pc. Would this be a program, which is similar to MSTS, which I run as well? I installed it, but could not get it to work and received attached error message. Anyone able to advise me on this ? regards, Ed...
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    Mancheter Metro - Picadilly - Bury route

    Hello everyone I loaded down the files for this route and the .apc extention is being used. The creater of the files states, you just have to click and the application will load onto MSTS. However Windows identifies it as an unknown extention. I know there is software around to fix extension...
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    Touching Base

    Morning from NZ I know I have been so quiet on the forum, but am so busy with webdesign work and family matters. But... am still very much a BVE fan and hoping for some quieter days soon, to develop my collection of routes/trains further and get more familiar with open BVE. Hope everyone...
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    BVE2 Barrow in Furness to Carlisle route

    Hi everyone As the Zandreb website, which contained this route is off the net, is there anyone one who can let me have a copy of the route, objects and sounds? Much appreciated. Cheers, Ed Bakker
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    Open BVE - Birmingham route

    Hello Everyone I have the following problem with a red signal turning up after Longbridge station, which does not turn to green .If one drives one, there is a warning and a request to put the emergency brakes on - fair enough. In the distance there is another train stationary. I found that if...
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    Open BVE - Birminham route

    Hello Everyone I must confess first of all, that I have just started with Open BVE and am perhaps a big ignorant or unknowledgable about it. I have installed it successfully. So I installed the Birminham route from the appropriate website. I make the following observations: 1. Train routes...
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    Open BVE - installing routes and trains

    Good evening from New Zealand Thanks to member Skydo, I have now successfully installed Open BVE on my PC. I also looked at a Video clips of Open BVE in motion and was most impressed. At the moment I have all the files in a directory, which I named Open BVE. Whilst I am very used to the BVE...
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    BVE 2 Hungarian tram route Szigetujfalu

    Hello Everone I discovered this route on the BVE Wiki page and it pointed to site , but could not find the link to download the route. I have the tram in question. Anyone able to send me a copy of the objects/route/sounds etc? Much appreciated. Ed Bakker
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    The Keisei Oshiago line

    Hello everyone I have some problems with this line mainly in the area of subscript out of range, the reason being that the route files start of Japanese, anyone who can throw any light on this for me? Much obliged. regards, Ed Bakker
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    A question re Rail simulator

    Hello Everyone, You recall when MS Trainsmimulator came out and there was a bug, which caused you to have to insert the cd back in the d drive ? I got a copy of Rail similator a few days ago, and the same problem occurs with that too. Is that the normal procedure with rail simulator or does...
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    A problem with BVE 2 Route Zandvoort-Maastricht ( Dutch route )

    Hello Everyone I have been trying to run this route, but am plagued by syntac errors: copy of errors attached. For a start this causes a red light outside Zandvoort not to change to green. Does anyone have a working copy of this route ? The author of the route is Martin Fonda, but cannot...
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    BVE2 Joetsu Border route

    Hello Everone Managed to download this route. Had a link to the trains, but am getting invalid zip format. I am looking for EF16 and 116-1000_kame Has anyone copies for me ? thanks, Ed Bakker
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    BVE 4 Ashford to Victoria route

    Hello Everyone I do have this working route and I am most impressed with it and loaded it down from the BVE in Kent website. However the route file seems to be missing. Can anyone throw any light on this ? Cheers, Ed Bakker Oxford New Zealand
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    Change from Kilometers to Miles on BVE4

    [BHello Everyone ,[/B] Is it possible to change from Kilometers ( on the left bottom portion of the screen to Miles ? If that is the case, can I make the change myself ? regards, Ed Bakker
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    Running BVE4 on a small screen

    Hello everyone I thought that I rephrase my question, after posting the sticky note a few days ago. I run BVE 2 on a smaller screen , which I find more enjoyable, have tried to do the same with BVE4, but as mentioned a few days, all the signals come out as a blurr. Is there a remedy for...