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    Layla Moran has declared she is pansexual

    Moderator note: split from Layla Moran has declared she is pansexual.
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    Liberal Democrats - where next for them?

    We've talked about the disastrous election results for Labour, and we've talked about where they might head next ideologically. What about the Lib Dems? With Brexit a certainty now, what do they turn their attention to? Given the party rules say the leader must be a sitting MP, who will they...
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    Poll: Potential General Election: who are you voting for?

    As per the thread title - and discuss your reasoning below!
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    Trivia: Lowest service frequency within the Travelcard zones

    Does anyone know the lowest service frequency of any station within London Zones 1-6? Is there anywhere with a service frequency of less than hourly?
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    Broken down train at Darlington - passengers on track (04/08)

    Passengers have broken out of a failed train according to CrossCountry, blocking the line today. The affected train was, I think, an LNER service. Anyone know any more?
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    GTR Chief Executive Charles Horton is resigning

    Reported on Twitter. BBC’s Tom Edwards:
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    Edinburgh to Wick - valid via Aberdeen?

    Can someone check this for me please? I plan on making this journey tomorrow and can’t get the NRE site to work. Thanks.
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    Andrew Haines to be new Network Rail Chief Executive

    Internal memo:
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    Identity Cards

    Inspired by this thread. Discuss. :)
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    Chiltern Loco Hauled, Monday 28th May (Bank Holiday)

    Chiltern's changes to train times site says about Bank Holiday Monday 28th May: Can anyone confirm the Loco Hauled sets will be working the normal Saturday diagrams? Specifically the 1110 ex-Marylebone.
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    Eurostar, London to Amsterdam - the first public train (VIDEO)

    Been a while since I posted one of my videos in here, so I hope you enjoy this one... London to Brussels on this trip took an eye-wateringly quick 1h47m. (6 minutes late into Amsterdam thanks to an unfavourable regulation decision *right outside* the station!)
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    Scotrail Edinburgh-Aberdeen pathed as "diesel loco"?

    Just spotted this: Anyone know why it's pathed as a diesel locomotive trailing a load? Some other diagrams that day for the same route, with Scotrail, show pathing for a 158, such as...
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    Far North Line - 158s?

    Hi all, I'm taking a trip on the Far North Line from Wick to Inverness this summer. I understand it's 158s on this line now. I know the trains only convey standard class but is there any declassified first class accommodation available? It is four and a half hours... Cheers.
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    London to Newcastle - VTEC First Class

    Looks like VTEC managed to actually provide catering on my trip. It’s hit and miss these days!
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    Newcastle-Milton Keynes Super Off Peak

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but why isn’t this ticket available for purchase today?
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    No tail lamp displayed - serious?

    Not making the location or TOC public here, but this just happened: I just witnessed an EMU depart a station with no tail lamp - that is, no red light displayed on the rear of the train, and instead its white lights were lit at the rear. This train terminates at this station and has a short...
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    0813 Milton Keynes - East Croydon Off Peak

    NRE and all ticketing sites suggest this train can be travelled on with an Off Peak Day Travelcard. The restriction, C0, suggests this train is not valid to arrive into Kensington Olympia before 0950. Barrier staff have refused me access based on the restriction and not taken into account...
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    Milton Keynes - Hastings permitted routes

    Hi all, About to make a journey to Hastings on an Off Peak Day Return (Any Permitted). Which routes except the obvious can I take? Can I go via Brighton? Would look this up myself but am on a phone... Cheers
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    Anyone here work at Romford ROC?

    Hi guys, I've seen a Social Media Manager vacancy come up (seems to be a re-advertisement, actually) at Greater Anglia. If anyone here is currently working for Greater Anglia or at Romford ROC in any capacity, can any of you assist me? This role would require me to relocate. I've been...
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    GWR Class 800 - the first service train!

    Edited this one very quickly so it might have a few rough edges... Enjoy!