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    Late connection on Advance ticket at Manchester

    OK so I'm booked on a single Advance journey from Stalybridge to London, due to depart SYB at 10:50 and catching the 11:15 at Manchester Piccadilly. The SYB to MAN train was 7 mins late, and with an additional fester at Ardwick we got into platform 14 at 11:14. I did my best, but got to the...
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    Old Tickets Storage

    Where do people keep their old tickets? (Assuming they do!) I recently bought one of these for another purpose entirely, only to discover that the drawers are exactly the right size for tickets. Even the ridges for the dividers work to keep partially filled drawers tidy. Probably...
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    Trip Report - Table38 does the Caledonian Sleeper

    I had wanted to do the sleeper for ages, and with the talk of Serco making some changes, and having the opportunity of a few days off work, I decided to give it a go at long last. I needed the Inverness to Aberdeen line, so my initial thoughts were to do Inverness sleeper up and Aberdeen back...
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    It pays to press "more"

    I'm over in Liverpool today and thought I'd get a first class return (because I'm worth it :-)) and the return fare in the machine from Piccadilly was £37.60. But as I'd been messing around earlier trying to see if you can buy Rangers from TVMs, I happened to press "more" and found a TPE only...
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    Manchester Central Guided Tour

    Did the tour today. Whilst it focuses more on the exhibition/conference space, the old train shed is still impressive, as is the undercroft. Whole tour only takes about 1 hour. Runs again on 31st Aug and 5th Oct. See and...
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    UK Rail - The Linconshire Coaster - Finsbury Park & Oyster

    I'll be joining this at Finsbury Park, but just in case I'm running late, will I have to go out of the station and back in again to touch out, or are there any validators on the platforms?
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    Merseyrail Stock Interchange Line

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but after a trip to Liverpool I was looking for something else and stumbled accross this Driver Route Learning Video. If you spin it up to 59 minutes, it shows the stock transfer line (in both directions) between Paradise Junction and James Street...
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    Stockport house for sale: ...four trains in the garden
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    West Coast Main Line Pendolino trains get a 2 million-mile service

    Article in Manchester Evening News here
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    UK Rail - Amman Valley Ranger - Cancelled

    Just got a call, tour Saturday 3rd Nov cancelled due to unavailability of crew.
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    TV tonight - Grayrigg rail tragedy - BBC1 North West only

    BBC1 North West has a local program tonight at 19:30. (Sky channel 958)
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    TPX Blackpool to Manchester Sleeper Service

    I hadn't noticed until I was on my way back from the BLS thingy this weekend that somehow I had managed to book myself on the 18:44 Blackpool to Manchester Airport Sleeper Service. Unfortunately it was rather a lot like a regular Class 185 when it turned up.
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    The Northern Lights Railtour - Monday 27th August 2012

    Gricers and the more adventurous tour enthusiasts may like to know that the former BLS tour is now going ahead independently and more or less as planned, provisional times below, full details attached. 00:01 Crewe (pu) Chelford Down Passenger Loop Styal Heald Green South...
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    Northern Ticket Machine - another rant!

    OK whilst I was out and about sleuthing, I thought I'd investigate the new(ish) ticket machine at Flowery Field and see if it really is local-scrote-proof. And very nice it is too! It's about 8pm and lets say I'm off into town for a few drinkies. But there is no Cheap Evening...
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    BLS North East Scottish Railtour - 27th Aug 2012 - CANCELLED

    Perhaps not unsuprisingly, the BLS' planned Frieght Line "overnight" tour from Crewe to Dundee West Yard, Aberdeen Waterloo. Raiths Farm and Elgin Goods, will no longer go ahead since the departure of Gas Hill. However more cryptically, an optional box to tick on the form declaring a deposit...
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    UK Railtours Midland Medley - 31 May 2012 - CANCELLED

    I'd seen a hint of this in the last BLS email, but had confirmation letter from John Farrow today:
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    Pathfinder - The Coal Grinder - 24/03/2012

    Anyone else booked on this? I see the timings are on the (excellent) Open Train Times site: Edit: I'll add the link...
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    19:20 Virgin Euston-Manchester Ghost Train

    The Virgin timetable shows a 19:20 departure, but any ideas why this doesn't appear in the NRE Journey Planner? It does run because a colleague caught it last night!
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    Manchester Metrolink - Pants

    Passengers in their pants travel on Manchester Metrolink for No Trousers day The Magistrates took a very dim view last time I took my trousers off on public transport :-)
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    Scotrail Class 170 Defroster

    Just seen this on BBC News, it's like a polytunnel with eight space heaters, but apparently it can defrost a Class 170 in 2 hours rather than 6.