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    General Election 2015 - Thoughts/Predictions/Results

    But France is a socialist paradise! Surely there's no poverty or homelessness or food banks there. So why risk your life under a truck to come to the UK?
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    General Election 2015 - Thoughts/Predictions/Results

    Yup. As I said, cleaning up the mess left by the last government, who as I recall were so financially illiterate they didn't even know the difference between a tax and a subsidy :-) More lazy stereotyping from the left. Not intelligent enough to engage with an argument? Easy! Just label...
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    General Election 2015 - Thoughts/Predictions/Results

    Yet all the Labour scaremongering about a triple dip recession (when we didn't even have a double dip), Tories will sell off the NHS (when Labour privatised far more than the Tories ever did), unemployment and crime to rocket never came to pass either. A serious case of "Four legs good, two...
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    10 years of RailUK Forums

    Having lurked on here for years, it was only the persistence of forum staff to get people to attend the meals and events that allowed me to meet some of the members on here, some of whom I discovered that already knew, but just didn't know their secret identities forum usernames. So now I can...
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    General Election 2015 - Thoughts/Predictions/Results

    Yet the facts are that UK growth was twice as fast as Germany and eight times stronger than in France. Makes you wonder why every day in Calais, dozens of people risk their lives to flee the socialist paradise of France to escape to evil Tory-run Great Britian :-)
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    Late connection on Advance ticket at Manchester

    Having watched the 11:15 depart, I should have just continued along the overbridge, but I wasn't sure which platform the 11:35 was on, so I walked down Platform 6 to look at the screens. Incidentally, when I was finally allowed to board (and thanked the member of staff as I considered he was...
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    Late connection on Advance ticket at Manchester

    Yet the train manager was charming and said there was no problem (as has always been my experience when this has happened before), so presumably it's more a training issue for the station staff, rather than Virgin making up their own rules! Anyway I shall no doubt be contacting them when I...
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    Yellow door warning stickers on TPE's fleet

    How about a hilarious recorded message like "the door is closing, please do not trap your arm, leg, boyfriends sweater, hopes and dreams or goldfish in the door" like they have in Pendolino toilets? That wouldn't become irritating at all :evil:
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    Late connection on Advance ticket at Manchester

    I'm not really after compensation, just maybe the possibility that they might train their staff a little better, and to not automatically assume every passenger is trying it on! I'd agree maybe it'd have been worth checking if I'd had a Manchester to London ticket, (even with a split SYB-MAN...
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    Yellow door warning stickers on TPE's fleet

    One thing I wondered about as I was rushing to catch a Pendolino (see rant elsewhere) was that if I pushed the door button just before the guard pressed the doors close, would the door still go through a full cycle, or would the step just come half-way out and then retract again?
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    Late connection on Advance ticket at Manchester

    OK so I'm booked on a single Advance journey from Stalybridge to London, due to depart SYB at 10:50 and catching the 11:15 at Manchester Piccadilly. The SYB to MAN train was 7 mins late, and with an additional fester at Ardwick we got into platform 14 at 11:14. I did my best, but got to the...
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    General Election 2015 - Thoughts/Predictions/Results

    As I said before, Labour said the same thing 5 years ago. In fact, pretty much the whole of Labour's election campaign was despair and scaremongering about what the Tories might do, rather than telling us what Labour would do. And who gave the Tories "Carte Blanche"? You can't blame the...
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    General Election 2015 - Thoughts/Predictions/Results

    Begins? According to the two Eds, I thought we'd already had five years of austerity and swingeing cuts. Anyway didn't Labour predict massive unemployment, a crime wave caused by poverty, a return to the 1930s and a triple-dip recession? Remind me how those predictions went :-)
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    Northern rolling stock changes post electrification

    Had my first trip on a "Northern Electric" yesterday and, apart from stupidly choosing the coach with the noisy compressor, was quite impressed. It wasn't until I got on a 150 later that I realised that I think it's the preponderance of bays of 4 and 6, and low seat backs that make the 319's...
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    Disposal of greywater from trains: On the track or in the tank?

    Clearly then with the new stock, you'll no longer be able to have a sneaky wee in the sleeping compartment sink, rather than getting dressed and traipsing all the way down the corridor to the toilet :-)
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    Liverpool Lime Street 25/5 poor crowd control

    Here's a map for those not familiar with the location. At the risk of going further off topic, we can crowbar a tenuous railway connection back in as I'd often wondered how they managed to build the western approach to the Kingsway Tunnel in a cutting right through a load of houses. The obvious...
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    Nelson naming confusion

    Perhaps it's a subtle campaign to restore the name of the town to Great Marsden by pointing that originally it was only the station that was called Nelson :-)
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    70's (I think!) song title help

    Right sort of era, so maybe: NYdO2XcUodE
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    Standing in First Class

    Always worth writing to customer services if it does happen. I scored a full refund when I pointed out to TPx that if I'd wanted to stand, I could have saved money and stood in standard class :-)
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    Passengers' bad habits

    When I do get the train to work, I have started noticing the same woman who does almost exactly the same thing. Most people can work out where the doors are going to be, and want to be "down that end" to be near the exit at Manchester Piccadilly, so there's a lose gaggle of people milling about...