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    Austrian Trains International Travel- Advice

    I booked 2 trains via back in February (Pre-Covid-19) 1. Budapest- Vienna 2. Vienna - Prague These are specific Train/Non refundable tickets This is for early August but as you can imagine I am now cancelling my trip and trying to see what refunds I can get (Travel Insurance wont...
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    Preston to London

    travel to London the cheapest ticket for train arriving at 8:30 am is about £152 and not flexible I have access to a Corporate ticket which is a First Open Single at 50% cost for a Glasgow to London Euston and is £125. Would it be valid to use this for a Preston - Euston and get a cheaper...
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    Using Scotrail Smartcard on other services

    Young Colleague had a debate with Virgin staff at Gateline yesterday in Glasgow Central. They have a Monthly Season Ticket between Motherwell and Glasgow. They were advised they could not use the LNER train as they don't have machines to check. The Scotrail website states "Note: You can use...
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    SPT Roundabout ticket

    Has anyone used this ticket to visit all the stations in the Glasgow area. It is great value at £7.20 Just wondering if anyone had a route they took to travel to all the stations in a day without going outside the valid zone.
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    Gatwick Airport - Long distance semi flexible tickets

    I recall TPE had a scheme where you could catch later train if your flight was delayed. I'd there anything similar for Gatwick. My daughter and husband flying in to Gatwick early on a midweek morning and need to get up to Chester at a reasonable cost. Any thoughts?
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    Journey not showing on Trainline

    I have to use Trainline for work but the journey I need seems to me missing Booking from Buckley to East Didsbury (Via Liverpool Lime St) 26/11 @ 16:52 I can see journeys up to 13:52 then from 18:05. Journey not showing on Trainline (Or other sites which use the same system) I can see on...
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    Super off Peak ticket- Does not show on most sites

    Hi. I was looking on Trainsplit for a journey and discovered a local ticket I was unaware of (Cheaper than a single if you meet the time conditions) This is a Super off Peak (H4 Restrictions) and for Paisley Gilmour St (PYG) to Glasgow (GLC) it is £3.10 compared with £3.60 single or £3.90 Off...
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    Chester to Euston 15th July

    Hi, Been waiting for tickets to come available for this date. Checked today and the direct services only have advance tickets for First Class. Have I simply been too slow and everything has gone in a couple of days since I last checked or are there none available Is it possible the standard...
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    how many carriages on xc and is there unreserved seating?

    Can someone advise if there are any unreserved seats on a xc voyager. I am on the 1100 on the 14th from Glasgow central. No reserved seats are available.I am assuming it will be only 4 carriages
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    how long for a delay repay-Virgin West Coast

    what is the maximum time for a delay repay. I had one on the 21st Nov and got paid in a week. However a claim on the 29th is still outstanding. Just wondered if there is a maximum time before I should complain. I did a follow up email after 30 days but no response.
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    Seat reservations missing

    In past 3 weeks I have been on peak Northern services between Lancaster and Manchester as part of a longer trip. On the 3 trips where I had seat reservations none were visible and impossible to get a seat. it seems to be the norm for none to be in place. if they don't intend putting out the...
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    Split Ticket and delay Repay query

    I bought split ticket Manchester to Lancaster and a separate Lancaster to Glasgow. Manchester 17:42 arrive Lancaster 19:02 (Actual 19:10) Lancaster Dep 19:30 (Actual 20:15) Expected to arrive Glasgow about 45 mins late. (Still on train) Am I entitled to the cost of the complete Journey or just...
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    Are there any restrictions on this ticket

    Via my work I can get a special ticket at a good price (Cant disclose) It is a First Anytime Single (Virgin Trains Only) from Glasgow to London Euston. Ticket states TICKET TYPE - ANYTIME DESCRIPTION. - Flexible ticket with no time restrictions on when you can travel. VALIDITY. - Your...
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    Virgin first class lounge at Glasgow: Worth visiting?

    Can anyone advise what the 1st class lounge facilities contain in Glasgow. I am curious as I have a ticket and wonder if it is worth turning up a little early instead of my usual last minute rush
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    Does guarantee cover Underground delay

    If I suffer delays on the Tube travelling to Euston and miss my connection then will I be covered to travel later (Advance ticket Euston -Glasgow) oyster on Tube
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    Is a Train actually a Bus?

    national rail or Trainline etc Looking at Stansted Airport to London 14/9 and it is showing me this ticket. States Platform 3 as a "Bus Day Single " Seems to apply and be available on every journey (Along with £19, £31 tickets) When you look up it states valid for a BUS but times are for...
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    italy Trenord web app

    I downloaded the web app and it stares I can buy tickets but does anyone know how I collect or use Do I need to print (not possible) Can I collect (where?) Or do I show something via phone? Thanks Travel is wed early
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    Varenna to malpensa

    I will be travelling from an overnight stop in Varenna to Malpensa Airport on 22nd June. The query I have relates to the cost and reliability of the journey Varenna 8:36 Milan Central 9:40 Milan central 9:55 Malpensa 10:46 This gets me to the Airport 2:15 hours before the flight which...
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    swiss pass: best option

    I am looking for help to confirm I have understood the pricing of tickets Wife and I are visiting for 8 days so was looking at the 8 day pass 363chf however wondering if it may be cheaper to buy a half fare card at120chf and then buy normal tickets. This s why I need to check A Swiss pass...
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    Can I get change on Travel Vouchers

    Probably a previous thread but search did not work I have 4 (£164) vouchers but smallest is £39. what happens if ticket value is lower. Can I get change or do I have to spend it all at once Thank in advance