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    Thorpe-le-Soken to Chinley Super Off Peak validity out of Euston

    I have a friend who is trying to get back from Thorpe-Le-soken (TLS) to Chinley (CLY), after visiting her very poorly mother. I helped her get best prices for the journey originally, but East Midlands trains eventually sold her a pair of tickets , out via Sheffield & St Pancras, back via...
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    Tickets bought with London CIV tickets

    In conjunction with my Eurostar tickets, I bought tickets from Sheffield to London CIV, to get the combined journey protection. I was unable to buy direct from Chinley to London CIV, but bought CLY-SHF tickets as part of the same transaction as my SHF-London CIV tickets. Does this mean that the...
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    reserving forward-facing seats on trains that reverse en-route

    This is something I have asked Arriva Train Wales about, but they are unable to give me an answer: I have booked an advance single Stockport-Machynlleth, and chosen forward-facing as a preference. Obviously, I change at Shrewsbury for a Birmingham-Aberystwyth service, which reverses at...
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    Derbyshire Wayfarer validity map during Derby blockade

    Can I use a Derbyshire Wayfarer on a Cross Country service from Chesterfield to Burton whilst they are running via Toton and Castle Donington?
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    Easement 030209: hope valley stations

    030209 Customers travelling from Hope, Hathersage, Bamford and Grindleford to Sheffield and beyond may travel via Dore. This easement applies in both directions. I am struggling to see the point of this. Unless the "normal" route is to use a passing freight to go from any of these origin...
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    Northern Rail through ticketing on Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

    Those of us lucky enough to have Senior Railcards can buy cheaper tickets for the Ravenglass & Eskdale railway by buying them from NR, where the Senior Discount applies. The rule seems to be that one has to have a rail ticket to Ravenglass (NR) to make use of this, but my question is - does...
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    East Yorkshireman - May 30th Filmed by an excellent cameraman; weather perfect, backdrop perfect, only me 2 or 3 seconds late with the traction engine imperfect!
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    East Yorkshireman - May 30th

    Is there anyone going on this trip who might be able to do me a little favour?
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    Wanted - good videographer

    Hello, If anyone is planning on taking videos of the East Yorkshireman on May 30th in the Chinley area, I have a request for them. I am going to be trundling along a road where the railway is alongside-ish with a steam traction engine, and hopefully this can be synchronised with the train...
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    Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets available on train??

    On a recent-ish visit to Buxton, I popped into the station to get 2 or 3 Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets for future use. (For someone over 60, they are the cheapest method of travelling Chinley-Sheffield and back) . I was surprised to hear the booking clerk tell me that I can now buy them on the...
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    No STM security people to be seen at Manchester Piccadilly today

    Fot the first time for a long while, upon arrival at Manchester Piccadilly around 07:30, there were no STM ticket collection people at all to be seen on any of the platform exits. Neither were there any TOC revenue people around. Surely they haven't all been given the week off??
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    Chinley-New Mills: Is it valid via Stockport?

    As I have to break my Chinley-Manchester daily commute tomorrow at New Mills, and onward travel from New Mills will be after 0930, I was checking fares on the National Rail website. What surprised me was that it offers me a CLY-NMC CDR ticket at £2.50 using the 08:33 TPE to Stockport, then...
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    Problems at New Mills Central

    Does anyone know what had gone wrong this morning (16/09/2014) at New Mills Central? When we passed this morning on the 08.05 to Piccadilly (from Sheffield, there was a 142 and a 150 in Platform 2. I thought they were coupled together but maybe they weren't. Certainly one of them was the rather...
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    What was this tour?

    On Sunday 14th Sept, about 13:30, I saw in the distance some sort of excursion train waiting for a signal at New Mills South Junction. It seemed to topped and tailed by a couple of blue 47s, and the stock looked like chocolate and cream. I looked it up on Real Time Trains and this is what it...
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    Chinley - Wakefield : valid via Doncaster?

    While planning a trip on West Coast Railway's "Scarborough Spa Express", I was looking at the best way to get from Chinley to the various boarding points. It makes sense to go Chinley-Sheffield-Westgate, and there is a suitably timed outward trip; and IF the SSE is on time on the return, I...
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    Penistone Line Abba train - June 24th 2013

    Having read through other people's trip reports, I notice that DMU numbers are typically given, unlike my own previous effort, so I have made an effort to include them this time. As per usual, my trip began with a brisk walk from Buxworth to Chinley, to catch the 16.55 hope valley stopper to...
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    Northern Rail complimentary ticket

    I have received from Northern Rail a complimentary rail travel ticket, only valid on Northern, which allows me two full days travel for one person valid for 12 months. Do you think by writing the same date in both boxes, it would allow me to take a friend along, and use up the 2 days in one go?
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    Yorkshire Pub crawl meet - Easter Monday

    Trip Report – Yorkshire pub crawl, Easter Monday. I don't really have enough interest in DMUs to take numbers or even identify the different classes, so if you are looking for a “technical” report, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. However, I do have more than a passing interest in real...
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    Macclesfield to Euston 5th -7th April

    I am trying to find the best fare/travel time combination for my daughter, who wishes to go to London, either in the early evening of Friday 5th April or early morning on Saturday the 6th. She wants to return early afternoon of Sunday 7th April. The best I can find is £68 (2 x £34 singles)
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    Northern website - booking 2 tickets, one with railcard

    Am I being particularly thick, or is it really not possible to book tickets for 2 people travelling together but where only one has a (senior) railcard on ? Surely this isn't that unusual!