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  1. VTPreston_Tez

    Preston Bus - new bus?

    I've seen a silver bus operating Preston Bus services today. I've been told it's on a demo run. Anyone know any more?
  2. VTPreston_Tez

    Preston's Lynx

    Travelling on the 695 every day this week, I've noticed that every journey has been operated by the much smaller Versas and Solos. Anyone know why the Lynx isn't in operation?
  3. VTPreston_Tez

    London Underground Challenge Today (01/06/2013)

    Was anyone on here attempting the Tube Challenge today perchance? There were a few people on my train from Camden Town to Euston who were attempting it today. If it was any of you onboard, how did it go? And thanks for making me laugh with your antics at Mornington Crescent.
  4. VTPreston_Tez

    Northern Rail - Halifax Eureka Carriage

    I was passing through Halifax station today and saw a carriage in Northern Rail livery. It seemed much like a Mk3 but I'm not exactly sure. It definitely wasn't a 158 or any other Sprinter as such. I don't have any pictures and I'm gutted that I do, but I've searched on Google and nothing...
  5. VTPreston_Tez

    Buses to be fitted with wifi

    As you may know there have been a number of buses that have been recently fitted with wifi. I've noticed this on the Stagecoach services 40 and 41 and I think 125/126. Does anyone know why these are, when they were fitted with wifi, who was responsible (at least one 125 driver is a millionaire)...
  6. VTPreston_Tez

    Preston-London Terminals

    I'm travelling to London on the 4th Jan, returning the next day. I need a morning journey to London and an evening on the return. 2 adults one child, family railcard. Will travel any way possible so long as its less than 3/4 hours and cheap.
  7. VTPreston_Tez

    Hybrid Versas on country routes?

    My school bus - the Preston Bus 695 Cadley - Lea Town will need to be Versa operated on 19th due to a large number of suitcases that will be onboard; the current Lynx cannot cater for this. However, what are Versas like on country roads, and what about the hybrid version which Preston Bus...
  8. VTPreston_Tez

    RollerCoaster Tycoon Series

    Anyone still play it? I'm working on a few parks at the moment on RCT2 and know of a few users here who have also enjoyed the series. Feel free to discuss your projects, and whatever else is to do with the RCT series here.
  9. VTPreston_Tez

    London - Cable Cars, Apsley and drama at Leeds

    I travelled to London on the non-stop service from Preston (the 1550 if I should not be mistaken) on Sunday, for your convienience the 28th of October. The journey was brilliant, I ended up in First Class with my mum for a reasonable supplementary cost of £20. Shame where the First Class end of...
  10. VTPreston_Tez

    are VT calling at Blackburn!? Just came across this on OTT. Is this normal, as I'm not aware of this service.
  11. VTPreston_Tez

    Places in and around London for photos/videos

    I intend to catch some videos of trains in and around London later this month for my YouTube. I've cleared Clapham Junction and would not like to go there again just because of how hard it is to fight through the crowds of people between the SWT and Southern platforms, and wouldn't trust a...
  12. VTPreston_Tez

    Optare Metroriders Double Querie

    Are there any left in operation or preservation? They used to be my main bus and I really miss them. Secondly, does anyone have any pictures of Metroriders (or even Solos) that say '29' or '30' on the front operating with Preston Bus? They no longer operate and I would like to see them again.
  13. VTPreston_Tez

    Preston [PRE] to Boston [BSN]

    On Saturday morning, I will be travelling from Preston to Boston and on Sunday evening the return. Time is no problem, however I'd like to take East Coast as a preference. The best I've got so far is here but some fares haven't shown up and £57.30 does not seem cheap enough to me. I know it's...
  14. VTPreston_Tez

    Rose Grove potential?

    I was wondering about the Rose Grove station in the suburbs of Burnley. Trains from Leeds and York rocket through the station with no announcement (but there's Celia(?) on all the other announcements) and I was amazed at how busy it was. Could there be potential for York services to make a call...
  15. VTPreston_Tez

    East Coast + Finsbury Park

    Was anybody on the KGX-LDS (King's Cross - Leeds) train yesterday that called additionally at Finsbury Park and how often does an EC train stop at Finsbury Park? Would like to know. See the tweet here
  16. VTPreston_Tez

    FirstGroup Email Time

    I have emailed FirstGroup about work experiences next year. All I would like to know is how long I should wait for a reply from them regarding if they are doing work experience and how long I should wait before retrying.
  17. VTPreston_Tez

    Preston to London: A dilemma

    On the 31st of July I intend to travel to London to do some videoing of trains in the area and am returning on the 1st of August. I would like to know a cheap way to get there that takes less than about 3 hours 30 - I would not like a stopper train but still need a cheap fare. Which way...
  18. VTPreston_Tez

    Plans for a Preston-Brighton cycle

    I'm looking at a cycling route for a sponsored Preston-Brighton cycle but I can't actually find a calculator or cycle route with rests and appropriate hotels I can stay at. Could somebody help me devise a route for Preston-Brighton cycling along flat land? I expect it to take a few days and if...
  19. VTPreston_Tez

    Arriva loco at Preston?

    Today I saw an Arriva Trains Wales loco at Preston, probably a 57? What is it doing there and what's next to it, some kind of blue loco..?
  20. VTPreston_Tez

    Flooding at Stratford Regional

    The Central Line is partially suspended between Bethnal Green and Leytonstone due to flooding at Stratford Regional. The one thing that concerns me about this is the fact that with the Olympics now a few weeks away, will there be flooding at Stratford and will it be safe? I know that Greater...