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  1. High Dyke

    West Midlands Trains crew shortages

    Just seen the attached service announcement from West Midlands Trains (WMT). Nothing new at the current time; apparently though one reason for the shortage of train crew maybe due to a member of staff testing positive for covid, but then coming to work. Seemingly they didn't want to lose a...
  2. High Dyke

    Tram & Metro Funding announced.

    Wasn't sure whether this should be here, or in the Coronavirus thread. Source: BBC News
  3. High Dyke

    Skegness HST 2020

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Just seen that EMR are planning to run two HST trips to Skegness on Saturday 4 July. no other information provided. 1S01 07.53 Derby to Skegness 1S02 11.40 Skegness to Derby 1S03 09.43 Nottingham to Skegness 1S04 12.35 Skegness to Nottingham
  4. High Dyke

    Talgo Factory in Scotland

    Sorry if this has already been covered.
  5. High Dyke

    December 2019 timetable change.

    Reported on BBC News this morning. Another timetable fiasco?
  6. High Dyke

    East Nottingham re-signalling

    Lowdham signal box closed at 00:36hrs, Saturday 1st October. This is the first phase in the project that passes control to EMCC at Derby. The next phase will continue affecting Fiskerton Junction SB, Fiskerton Station and Rolleston LC's.
  7. High Dyke

    Pointless Bustitution

    This weekend seemingly East midlands Trains are running Rail Replacement Services between Newark and Nottingham, citing engineering work. However as the usual mix of freight trains (coal, oil, RHTT trains etc) have been operating...
  8. High Dyke

    EMT Oddity

    Just had this pass me - seems a strange trip out.
  9. High Dyke

    New Years Day services

    Why do TOCs differ in their provision of service on this day? For example EMT are running a normal service on local routes, apart from some alterations / engineering affected services - e.g. first train from Lincoln to Nottingham @ 05:26. EMT services to / from London are subject a slightly...
  10. High Dyke

    US oil train derails

    Press reports of a freight train derailment and subsequent fire in the US.
  11. High Dyke

    Stoke Lane level crossing

    More problems this week at Stoke Lane LC, scene of a recent derailment, as a further hole appeared about 21 feet from the railway and approximately 5 foot deep. Previous incident:
  12. High Dyke

    Derailment near Nottingham

    Services between Nottingham and Newark disrupted after a freight derails. Source: Early indications suggest a track fault as the cause. The affected train is 6M35 - 02:02 Humber Oil Refinery - Kingsbury. Two loaded oil tank wagons...
  13. High Dyke

    Different London Terminals

    Sorry if this question has been asked numerous times already. This week i am intending to use the Paddington 'Parliamentary' service from South Ruislip. I know the price and the time (assuming it will run). If i purchase an Anytime return from 'London Terminals - South Ruislip'...
  14. High Dyke

    Metrolink Delays

    Just spotted this. The police incident at the Arndale Centre didn't really help the situation either. To some extent i can agree about the service. I was at Old Trafford a few weeks...
  15. High Dyke

    Heathrow Express

    Passengers have their cake...
  16. High Dyke

    Scottish Bubble Car

    Following a posting i made on the Edinburgh - Glasgow thread yesterday in which i posted an internet link to Eastfield Depot (T&T Class 27s) I then found another photo (see below): My curiosity got me wondering which lines used a single car DMU...
  17. High Dyke

    US head-on train crash in Connecticut

    Many lucky people by the looks of this; though the report makes no reference to the speed of the trains.
  18. High Dyke

    Chiltern Queen

    No not the former bus company... A windy but sunny day greeted me as I set off. Forsaking East Coast services saw me on the 09:10 EMT Norwich service to Peterborough. The scenery of South West Lincolnshire and Rutland sped by as we headed towards Cambridgeshire on 158865. At Werrington...
  19. High Dyke


    I had this message e-mailed to me earlier this week. Anyone know much about it?
  20. High Dyke

    Every little doesn't always help: Tesco pulls out of US