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    Govia Thameslink Rail - Notice of Intention to Prosecute

    I do hope this is not a serious suggestion, as it is entirely inappropriate. Tombo - when you write to Govia Thameslink, keep the letter factual and concise, sticking to the facts and explaining clearly (without waffle) why you had no ticket when you were checked. Remember that the letter...
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    Metro: Commuters furious after train driver misses scheduled stop at station

    Is missing a scheduled stop really a "minor error"? Why wasn't the driver paying attention?
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    Virgin Trains abolishes cheaper First Class 'Advance' fares in 2015?

    Unfortunately, Standard is often terrible, being overcrowded with little legroom, few tables and sometimes no window view. If I can't get a decently-priced first class advance I almost always choose not to travel.
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    Becoming an Honorary Welshman

    Every language, including English, is indecipherable if you don't speak it.
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    Northern Rail update on revenue

    Barriers are nothing more than a sticking-plaster solution, and turn the rail network into an unwelcoming fortress. The way to stop fare-dodging is to have a policy of checking tickets on every train, backed up with a firm and unambiguous policy on ticketless travel - on-the-spot fine, no...
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    Southern Punctuality

    And, presumably, "punctual" means "no more than 5 minutes late". I wonder what the figure would be for actual on-time arrival. Southern has a history of appalling punctuality, and also of mealy-mouthed excuses for its poor performance. 26 November 2010 "We know you care passionately...
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    Compo if no 1st Class available as paid for

    If First is declassified or otherwise unavailable (on one occasion, on an FGW train in reverse formation, the train manager chose not to deal with a couple of dozen teenagers and others who had decided to sit in first class from Swansea to Bridgend) it's always worth sending a polite letter to...
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    Travelcard "Ticket Touts"

    On two separate occasions at Paddington station I've been given an Oyster card by a departing tourist, in one case with over £10 of credit on it. I explained that they might be able to get a refund for the card and the balance if they were to go to the ticket office (although, having read...
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    Silly mistake-potential SWT prosecution

    Thanks lou. I admit that my question was driven by the thought that perhaps you were travelling daily between two ungated stations and thus your failure to buy a ticket was more than a one-off "silly mistake". But I'm happy to withdraw that idea and accept your story at face value.
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    Silly mistake-potential SWT prosecution

    How often do you make this journey?
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    ATW to Rebrand Gerald Premier Service

    If the same crew work the entire round trip of the Premier service (depart Holyhead 05:33, arrive back 21:45) then it is inevitable that they will work a 17-hour day. Whether or not that can be called a "gangmaster's dream come true" depends on the conditions the staff work under, and whether...
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    Travelling from Kings Cross to Heathrow 4pm

    I agree with bb21: if you're travelling from Kings Cross to Heathrow then the Piccadilly Line is by far the best option, regardless of price. You shouldn't be even considering any other way of getting there. The train will be busy, but it's likely that you'll get a seat at Holborn when a lot...
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    Fare Evasion Case

    Why not just keep them in wallets of different designs? That's what I do to differentiate between my registered PAYG Oyster and the ones I keep for visitors. Or just put a strip of magic tape on the back and write your name on that with a marker pen. I don't think this is a problem that...
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    Virgin Trains abolishes cheaper First Class 'Advance' fares in 2015?

    I think the observation (that there were no lowest-tier Advance tickets available for a particular period) was correct, but the conclusion (that they must therefore have been abolished) was, possibly, an assumption too far. But it does seem that some rail companies are now releasing Advance...
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    Rail ticket 'rip-off': passengers routinely denied cheapest fares

    Today's Daily Telegraph leads with the results of its own investigation, which found that self-service machines — which are used to purchase almost a quarter of all rail tickets — offer wildly different fares. Full story: Daily Telegraph
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    What is the "perfect" First Class service?

    Comfortable seat (single seat with a table), decent legroom, electrical socket. No kids or teenagers, no families, no football fans, no groups of off-duty railway employees. No announcements, no complimentary food or drink. Bliss.
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    Virgin Trains abolishes cheaper First Class 'Advance' fares in 2015?

    Comfortable seat? Got enough legroom? Nice, relaxed ambience in the carriage? If so, then you've got what first class is intended to be. The last thing you need is to spend hours in a travelling restaurant.
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    Odd Penalty Fare - any thoughts please?

    I don't think there is any statutory right to pay only the fare due when challenged, otherwise there would be no incentive for anyone ever to pay a train fare. Section 8.2 of the penalty fare rules says: This makes it clear that although you may, if you wish, only pay the fare due on the...
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    Too many announcements? BBC report

    Although, to be fair, the other day when there were 20-minute gaps between trains on the entire Victoria Line in the rush hour due to a broken-down train they did warn the hundreds of passengers waiting six-deep on the platform at Highbury that there were "minor delays" on the line.
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    First train to Corwen for 50 years

    The number of Ifor Williams trailers I see while out walking in Switzerland is quite extraordinary. I had no idea it was such an export success.