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    Vaccine Progress, Approval, and Deployment

    ...sorry, she obviously doesn't know how to use the forum!
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    Vaccine Progress, Approval, and Deployment

    Words from my partner who is a vaccinator: As Stephen says I am COVID-19 vaccinator so go through the process many times each shift. Every person 'citizen' is asked about any known allergies, and more specifically any allergic reactions that have led to anaphylaxis and what that allergy was...
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    Have you ever been mistaken for rail staff, or helped those less familiar with the network?

    I have been mistaken for Richard Branson a couple of times on trains....does that count?
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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    Well, I've been vegetarian for over 40 years but I can still taste the Corned beef pie...yummy! A staple on any trips out with Dad in the 1960's!
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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    The 'Cambrian Coast Express'...travelling from Paddington to Pwllheli, (where my Nain - Grandmother - lived) home for the day was a compartment for the whole family, older brothers and father hanging out the window, recording numbers for the first time in 1961, a 'King' up front, Mum's egg and...
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    Route closure leading to greatest strategic loss

    The main through route from the North Wales Coast has always been via Crewe, Shrewsbury and Hereford
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    Mornington Crescent

    having already used the Berskevski defence are you allowed to do that? Well, if the mods have allowed you to play a third L I'll make a sign of four with Baker Street
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    Mornington Crescent

    I'm not sure that under the current restrictions that the Welsh are eligible, even under the simplified rules and as I don't do Twitter I can't access the President to ask, but if it's allowed... Clapham High Street
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    Student Trains

    Oh, that sounds wonderful...but unfortunately too late for me (1973-1976). Can you recall at what time it left Aber and arrival at Euston? i do wonder whether it would have made my journey back home quicker, I recall leaving Devil's Bridge about 08h00 and catching the - I think - 10h15 from...
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    Worst weather forecasting

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    Twywell station

    Thank you! It isn't the first time that I have made such an error when viewing old photographs! Presumably the bay didn't have any way of releasing the loco from the buffers (or did it?). Given the sparse nature of the service on this line I would be surprised if there was a requirement for...
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    Twywell station

    I'd previously never heard of Twywell but became very interested when I saw that it was situated on the Cambridge-Kettering line and thus have whiled away a good couple of hours researching the history of the line, not least because of an early childhood memory of standing on the road bridge at...
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    Yes, exactly! (except I think that you meant to say Water Voles!) The only occasion that I clearly identified a Mink was curiously enough from a train - it had stopped at signals just north of Stafford and I followed a Mink cautiously moving through the reeds. I presume that area is some kind of...
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    The Clergy and Railways. ..........

    Very interesting thread! My father, of whom I have mentioned previously, started to undertake a life in the church but for a number of reasons didn't complete his Theology degree and opted for a life on the railway instead. He did become a Lay Reader (as they were called in those days, not sure...
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    Did I hear Joe Biden correctly on the BBC evening news? A reporter shouted something like 'May I have a word, Mr Biden, I'm from the BBC'....Biden turned round and smiled 'The BBC? I'm Irish'....That could be interesting, or maybe I'm reading too much into it (or misheard as I wasn't really...
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    Coronavirus testing

    Yep, realise that...just surprised that she didn't contract it earlier when about two-thirds of her colleagues did.
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    Coronavirus testing

    It's difficult to say. My partner (a nurse) was working on a ward with Covid positive patients back in the early days of the pandemic. A number of staff tested positive at the time, but my partner worked all the way through that period, at times with those members of staff yet wasn't ill. (I...
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    Saltley firemen needed to have their Weetabix.

    I wonder whether this was a working that I have a vivid memory of! As a young boy of eleven I went with Dad on the weekend 'Aberdonian' railtour in June 1966, quite an adventure for me! Anyway, at 1am on the Saturday morning we paused at Banbury and at the adjacent platform was a parcels train...
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    Photo query

    Very interesting! Presumably 7700 was a regular sight at Addison Road on this service...was it just a shuttle to Willesden Jct? Presumably the loco moved away when the service was discontinued It's very difficult to be very accurate at all, but the earliest it could have been was January 1931...