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  1. richa2002

    More Stupidity Taking Photos - This time at a Footpath Crossing at Tidemills, East Sussex

    Or perhaps a crossing that has been there for 100+ years can simply continue like that for another 100+ years? The modern day safety culture is truly toxic and totally out of proportion.
  2. richa2002

    New 4-tier system for England

    Why is so much of this argument carried out with the assumption that 'lockdowns' work. If 'cases' (which are based on unreliable data anyway) go up, we haven't locked down enough, if they fall, it shows the restrictions have worked. Does it ever cross anyone's mind that lockdowns don't actually...
  3. richa2002

    Life after the end of "lockdown" 2.0

    Don't feel bad. A lot of us are in the same boat and I do find this thread encouraging. Sometimes you feel as though you're the only one who thinks this all is wildly disproportionate and damaging. Hang in there!
  4. richa2002

    Scotrail telling people not to use trains. Who is paying for this?

    Just as a reminder too, the government means we are paying for it.
  5. richa2002

    Why lights of seated coach of sleepers are not dimmed?

    Bang on. I've long given up on even having the illusion that TOCs or the DfT care about comfort.
  6. richa2002

    One of the Most Pointless Covid19 Headlines?

    Only in The Guardian... Cloud cuckoo land.
  7. richa2002

    Sunny weather during lockdown - more than just a coincidence?

    Wow. People really have gone stark, raving bonkers. Use your critical faculties and assess whether what you have said is even close to proportional. You would fit right in under Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany. Absurd.
  8. richa2002

    Empty Motorways

    Or how about we just pass the benefit entirely onto the individual and let them spend their money how they wish.
  9. richa2002

    Enforcement of the new rules on social distancing, unnecessary journeys etc.

    This is where your argument fails. There is nothing "surely" about that. Cars are a safe cuccooned environment, trains or buses are not. Tough luck if you can't drive. People need to get a grip and have a sense of proportion. This is not the bubonic plague and evidence is increasingly coming to...
  10. richa2002

    Southern ticket machines being deceptive

    I would say deceptive is the wrong word. Unclear/unhelpful is more accurate.
  11. richa2002

    National Express East Coast Catering

    Here's a photo of the kind of thing available "back in the day". This was very shortly after NXEC took over from GNER.
  12. richa2002

    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    If your ticket was not operator specific then I would suggest to the host that it is irrelevant which service you were planning to take. Virgin would get their ORCATS cut regardless from this fare.
  13. richa2002

    Question regarding Class 68 loco noise level

    The main problem here is the supplying of ETS. 68s are actually really quite quiet when properly idling. They rev up quite significantly to supply ETS. If what is said above is correct about the high ETS index of Mk5s, the loco will be working even harder to keep the stock supplied. I would...
  14. richa2002


    Sounds like you're describing the British Pullman to Chatsworth House, which runs from Victoria and up the MML via Dudding Hill. More information can be found here:
  15. richa2002

    Discussion: Should a winning political parties Manifesto be legally binding

    Spot on. Won't get fooled again comes to mind but it seems people do over and over and over again.
  16. richa2002

    Extinction Rebellion transport disruption from 17/04/2019

    It's not for ANYONE to be so arrogant to think that they are so right that they are able to bypass the democratic process (what's left of it) and break the law. If your arguments are so self-evident and based on fact, you should have no trouble convincing people via the democratic system.
  17. richa2002

    Prototype HST Power Car 41001 to return to York

    Agreed. I would say it's quite obvious which outfit has been more professional here. Far too many in society take a handful of loud people on social media too seriously. Stay adult and stay professional. Something we could all do well to remember from time to time I'd say!
  18. richa2002

    Brighton station cabbies get booted out

    This is all well and good but with heavy luggage, even a short walk from a bus stop can be arduous, and sometimes there simply isn't a bus route to where you want to go. All this does is make catching the train even less appealing and going in the car more so.
  19. richa2002

    Sexism on the railway? Scholars and angels

    Oo, there we go. Not long for the racism/sexism to come out. The golden rule of 2019 discourse is that "white males" are fair game but don't you dare make equivalent generalisations about anyone else. Of course this all comes apart if said white male is gay or disabled or any other supposed...
  20. richa2002

    Sexism on the railway? Scholars and angels

    This post is satire isn't it?