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  1. Deerfold

    Most circuitous bus route

    I've come across some buses with unusual routes before, but was surprised just how many roads are served in Ilkley and Ben Rhydding by this school bus! It has just one journey each day and presumably covers multiple schools. Are there...
  2. Deerfold

    Northern refusing to sell tickets in advance

    I seem to keep having problems buying Day Saver tickets from Northern. I often use them on a bus before the first train and it's only possible to buy them from staffed stations (or scratch off from half a dozen locations). I am repeatedly told that they're not allowed to sell them until 0915. I...
  3. Deerfold

    East Coast engineering works Jan-Mar

    I've looked but can't see another thread on this. Am needing to travel between Yorkshire and Welwyn GC/London quite a lot this winter. I was shocked to see the advice for 3 of the first 10 weekends of the year was 'Do not travel'. I've booked for another and my journey time had increased by...
  4. Deerfold

    Ticket Validity in Belgian Zones

    I'm just bought return tickets for tomorrow from Brussels Midi to Antwerp Centraal. They've been issued as from Brussels Zone to Answerp Zone. I've been trying to find out if that is a return journey within the zones or are multiple journeys allowed? Obviously there's just the 1 long distance...
  5. Deerfold

    Reservations issued for ' Virgin Trains East Coast'

    Moderator note: Split from I was surprised to find my reservations for today for Trainsplit were for Virgin Trains East Coast. That could cause confusion for some.
  6. Deerfold

    Trying to book GC 03 Nov 2019

    I'm trying to book for a family trip to London from Halifax to London. We're keen to avoid changing at Leeds so we thought we'd get the first train of the day from Halifax to London on 03 November 2019- I've been waiting for tickets to become available for a while. Looking in closer detail...
  7. Deerfold

    How old is a child on Arriva Wales Buses?

    Howdy. There's 13 of us on holiday in Wales. It's easy on the the Arriva website to find fares. It's a little trickier to find out what constitutes a family (up to 2 adults, 3 children). I can find no clues as to what age a child is. We've assorted children from 9 to 17 and we'd like to buy...
  8. Deerfold

    Eurostar / UK delays

    I'm currently on a train journey, 37 minutes late and counting. I started in Brussels. I made a through booking from Brussels to Leeds and then have an onward ticket from Leeds. Can I include the leg from Brussels in Delay Repay claims?
  9. Deerfold

    Upcoming Northern Strikes / Advances

    I've need to travel a couple of times in the near future between Preston and Leeds. I've looked up on Northern's websites travel on 09/02/19 and 23/02/19. I happen to know that the first of these dates is a strike day and that on previous strike days no trains have run on this route. The...
  10. Deerfold

    Trying to buy through tickets from Leeds to Brussels

    About a week ago, I had a quick look at and looked up tickets from Leeds to Brussels. I'm now looking to book and the website no longer recognises "Leeds" as a valid entry. Anyone any idea why that's happening or suggestions as to where is best to book from Leeds or Keighley...
  11. Deerfold

    Northern Autumn Adventures

    I keep seeing online adverts for Autumn Adventures with Northern Advance tickets. It's nice alliteration, but how long do they think Autumn is?
  12. Deerfold

    Restrictions on LNER Super Off Peak tickets

    Yesterday I purchased a Super Off Peak Ticket from London to Keighley. The LNER website was only offering this ticket on the daily direct service. However, having picked up the ticket, it has restriction 9D and no mention of operator restriction. Is it actually valid on any operator? If it...
  13. Deerfold

    Can you upgrade Advance on train?

    Hi, My wife had an advance ticket with a change at Peterborough. She caught a connecting train an hour earlier. She asked to upgrade to an Anytime ticket, but was told she'd have to pay the full fare for the journey (£135). Is this right?
  14. Deerfold

    Adverts in Russian

    Am I the only one who's started getting Forum ads in Russian (but including being for things that are in the UK as well as some I can't work out at all)? I'm a little bemused. Are they aimed at certain areas of London, perhaps?
  15. Deerfold

    VTEC / Northern Advance on strike day

    I've a First Advance ticket London Kings Cross to Keighley next Tuesday for the 1833. I'm booked to change at Shipley onto a Northern train. Unfortunately, as it's a strike day it's a couple of hours after the last Northern service will have run. I suggested to Virgin that I could travel...
  16. Deerfold

    VTEC Web problems

    Anyone else getting server errors when they try and log in to VTEC's website or is it just me?
  17. Deerfold

    Flying Scotsman Oxenhope - Carlisle (31 March)

    Hi, I've had a search but can't see a thread about this. The Flying Scotsman is running from Oxenhope to Carlisle and back on 31 March. Does anyone know when this train is likely to run - I know times haven't been confirmed and could change, but I'm looking for an idea of when we'll get...
  18. Deerfold

    National Express Split ticketing

    Just looking at a journey in February on National Express. A through fare is £10.00 However if I split at Leeds I'm given fares of £5.00 and £1.50 on the same service. Is there any reason I couldn't get the two separate fares? If I did should I present both on boarding or depart and...
  19. Deerfold

    Debate regarding whether products sold in Ireland have to be priced in Euros

    Really? What law would they be breaking?
  20. Deerfold

    Birthday treat to Manchester

    I think I've done something silly and just seeing if I can make things simpler now. I'm visiting Manchester on (Sat) February 25th and London (Sun) February 26th to see a band I rather like. I've booked my tickets for the band and an Advance train ticket reasonably early on the 26th from...