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  1. Deerfold

    Borismaster: the future

    If they had been arranged to have one staircase for boarding and one for alighting that might have helped, but I've never seen them working in that way and there's no signage to suggest people do that.
  2. Deerfold

    Bus stations etc with pubs

    Arguably, the Avenue Bar on the other side of the road is closer (and less rough).
  3. Deerfold

    LNER split ticketing "Smart Save"

    I can't see TLGN getting a lot. Except for very late in the day they are almost always overtaken by an LNER service. It's been a while since I got an advance between London and Newcastle but when I did, they were regularly a lot less than that. There's usually a lot of footfall at Peterborough.
  4. Deerfold

    LNER split ticketing "Smart Save"

    Presumably, if the ticket doesn't tell you that, in times of disruption you don't need to stick to them.
  5. Deerfold

    Trivia: What things don't you see on buses these days?

    My local buses don't have these (obviously they have temporary Covid screens at the moment, but these are not solid). They serve Leeds and Bradford.
  6. Deerfold

    LNER split ticketing "Smart Save"

    And, following on from that, I'll repeat my earlier question - are other providers permitted to offer splits as just one ticket?
  7. Deerfold

    When was smoking abolished on National Rail services?

    Come to Keighley. You'll see it every day there (usual, outside plague times comment goes here).
  8. Deerfold

    Disabled railcard refused (now resolved)

    No, but as you're replying to the OP, it answers what they'd do in this case.
  9. Deerfold

    Transdev Blazefield

    Thanks. For some reason I've not had a chance to try out the Wizz since it started - I used to catch the X43 between Burnley and Skipton every couple of months.
  10. Deerfold

    LNER split ticketing "Smart Save"

    I was referring to the third line that @Wallsendmag was highlighting - that LNER issue split tickets as just one ticket. I've been using split ticketing websites for years.
  11. Deerfold

    LNER split ticketing "Smart Save"

    Are third party websites allowed to do that? It seems a little unfair if they're not.
  12. Deerfold

    c2c to stop retailing Oyster from March 2021

    This is isn't about TOCs accepting it, though. It's just about them selling it.
  13. Deerfold

    Transdev Blazefield

    Haven't some of them stayed on the Pendle Wizz too?
  14. Deerfold

    Trivia: What things don't you see on buses these days?

    Indeed. It's curious that inside and outside London opposite rules apply. The village I grew up in and spent 20-odd years of my life in, I caught a bus running short a grand total of once. Was most odd to see a different destination on the front of the bus (and that was because of long delays...
  15. Deerfold

    Trivia: What things don't you see on buses these days?

    Outside of London, buses are not supposed to run short unless it's impossible to complete a journey. Inside London the emphasis is in not having long gaps between services (except on infrequent services where keeping to the timetable is key - you'd still expect if two buses were running together...
  16. Deerfold

    Understanding Oyster card.

    That's a very old article. The hardware was upgraded to accept ITSO some years ago (it happened when I was at TfL which I left over 5 years ago). It's not clear why the software upgrade has never happened.
  17. Deerfold

    SPT Tendered Routes

    There's two service 460s registered that call at Golders Green Bus Station. Outside of London, Traffic Commissioners aren't generally allowed to adjudicate on route numbers.
  18. Deerfold

    Trivia: What things don't you see on buses these days?

    Until recently West Yorkshire Metro's "Generation M" buses were fitted with 3-across seats with 3 seatbelts. They were only used for school runs and for other journeys transporting schoolchildren. I'm not sure if there's any left, but they certainly existed into the 2010s.
  19. Deerfold

    Trivia: Restricted Area Bus Routes

    When I was a student in Nottingham, I once realised a journey I wanted to make could be done by catching two Boots works services instead of catching a bus into the city centre and another back out. I caught the bus in, past the Boots Works security post. I'm not sure if I was supposed to be...
  20. Deerfold

    When is a child, not a child?

    I've seen bus companies have very low fares for accompanying children - there's usually a limit on how many of these are allowed, with additional children at normal child fare.