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  1. AJP

    Bits from Yorks

    A shot of 47790 looking stunning at York Works : D6700 on the NYMR: 66557 at Whitley Bridge : Cheers
  2. AJP

    Peak District

    37411/425 6f67 60039 66552 ta
  3. AJP

    Recent Updates

    Recent Updates : A week in the noerh West - October Misc: RHTT 2007: Cheers
  4. AJP

    Scotland images start from there.
  5. AJP

    Peak District

    47853 Peak Forest - 47839 Buxton - 37667 BH - 60090 Peak Forest - 60063 and possie Peak Forest -...
  6. AJP

    Old Skool some old scans! ta to 37372 :D
  7. AJP


    47847 full sun at Joan Croft - Nice Load!
  8. AJP

    Northern service to Inverness!

    Saw this at Sheffield last night- Inverness via Kirkcaldy ! :lol: can just imagine- 'welcome aboard the 20:04 northern service to Inverness calling at Meadowhall,Rotherham,swinton mexborough,Conisburgh, Doncaster etc etc :lol: thank god that dont...
  9. AJP

    oh dear 158 convoy

    Noticed early from bus home from College there was loads of TPE 158's attached together in Donny West Yard. Any ideas? 159 conversions or sending south for the crack?
  10. AJP

    Vegging it Yorkshire style

    not really a story but a list of a mad mission across the best county in the UK on Sunday :lol: Doncaster 09:30 67021 and mk4 set south Holgate sidings 10:00 45112/47847 York Station 10:05 - 10:20 37194 86901/902 Colton Jct...
  11. AJP

    Sunday in Yorkshire

    Shots start there .......... Pics from York, Colton Jct, Leeds Midland Road, Healey Mills and Milford. any coments???
  12. AJP

    DRS in unuasual terriotory 37609/602 Kirk Sandall Junction Beasts
  13. AJP

    Best part of yorkshire

    South Yorkhire of course........ 31128/454 at Swinton 66 convoy @ Swinton 66/66/60 0D01 @ Donny 31128/31454 night shot at Sheffield...
  14. AJP

    37087 and Barnetby

    Some shots from Barnetby : there onwards. 37087 at York on Friday : cheers :D:D:D:):D:D
  15. AJP


    more peds at Donny.. 31105 (not PSB's brightest ever idea bringing a train that needs to get to Sheffield into platform 1) 31452 31105 again after causing a...
  16. AJP

    Night Shots

    Some Night shots from Doncaster last night..... 31105 - 31452 - 66146 - 92013 - cheers
  17. AJP

    North East 02/01/07 Pics from Teeside, Darlington and York. Ahots include 37's, Laudhaul 60 and 86's. Ta
  18. AJP

    North East

    Mad Mission round Teeside yesterday images start from - Then floored it in the car to Tyne Yard for 37406 : Never stopped :( Also went to York today to see to see 86's,37038 and 20's when 60500...
  19. AJP

    Sunny West Yorkshire

    Some shots from Sunny Keighley and Leeds for 50049/031, also saw blue pullman and 20031 on KWVR. images from yesterday start from bottom cheers :D Any comments ?
  20. AJP

    Lincoln speicals Lincon market specials, had a nice run out to Nottigham behind the claggy spoons!