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  1. Nick

    Woot?! 66 with Clag!

    Scratching around the web stumbled across this shocking shot of a 66 clagging....
  2. Nick

    DCC - Whos got it

    Come on then, whos got DCC and what controller?
  3. Nick

    Rails' Skaledale Sale

    Ahead of the 2007 Skaledale releases Rails of Sheffield have cut prices of some Skaledale products, so tempting that I filled a shopping cart with somke then realsied I should really spend my money on trackwork first... Just so you know anyway guys! Ps. Hornby 2007 details on Hattons...
  4. Nick

    So whats actually being done...?

    Ok then, I've got back into my bve developing mode, just a little curious now whats actually under development, having read the forums I take it (UK wise) that the following are being worked on. - District line (update?) - Jubilee Line - Coxster's line from Epsom to Mitcham? - Tyne Valley...
  5. Nick

    Something for the GCR lot!

    Well, probably more suited to Mr. Steel, however...! :D
  6. Nick

    Model Layouts?

  7. Nick


    What freight do you run on your layout, and if possible tell us what you think of your wagons and why you think that.
  8. Nick

    The Edwalton Equinox Railtour (Old Dalby + GCRN)

    Tying in with a final visit to Edwalton (the northern extremity of the Old Dalby test track) a Class 67, top and tailed with a Class 60 on a load of 13 carriages will travel up the Midland Mainline to Loughborough Junction where it will use the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) to 50 steps...
  9. Nick

    What other games do you play?

    What other games bar train sims and stuff do you play? For me I play -Sim City 4 -Call of Duty 2 -Battlefield 2 What bout you lot?
  10. Nick

    Thomas + Gordon YouTube Vid Thomas + Gordon in MSTS YouTube vid, found it by mistake.....honest!
  11. Nick

    Objects over 25m in BVE

    How do you create objects over 25m in BVE that do not disappear after you have passed 25m of the object, say if you have a 35m building, I presume you build 25m of this, then 10m of it and place them next to each other to make it look like the full 35m building?
  12. Nick

    Diesel Running at Great Central Railway (Nottingham) 9/7/06

    The Great Central Railway (Nottingham) based in Ruddington will be running the full 9 miles from the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre to Loughborough (High Level) via 50 Steps Bridge and Rushcliffe Halt this Sunday on the 9th July 2006. D7629, recently back into service after an overhaul...
  13. Nick

    Old BVE Glasgow locos?

    Anyone know where they are now?
  14. Nick

    Steam or Diesel?

    Come on then chaps. Whats your prefrence on the preserved scene, Steam or Heritage Diesels, also reasons why?
  15. Nick

    Railway Uniforms

    Anyone else got any Railway bits and bobs?
  16. Nick

    GCR Diesel Gala (12/13/14 May 2006)

    The Great Central Railway will be hosting a bumper three day classic traction Diesel Gala over the weekend of the 13th and 14th May 2006, an enhanced timetable of trains running every 40 minutes from Loughborough to Leicester North will also be present on Friday 12th May 2006. Friday 12th May...
  17. Nick

    4771 'Green Arrow' to visit GCR

    The Great Central Railway will be visited by 4771 "Green Arrow" soon for a short spell of running before returning to main line duties. The locomotive is expected to appear in LNER apple green carrying it's LNER nummber of 4771 - a change from it's recent BR livery. No details are available...
  18. Nick

    GCR 1960's Steam & Diesel Gala (25/26 March 2006)

    The Great Central Railway's annual 1960's Steam & Diesel Gala is being held over the last weekend in March. And currently has the following lineup. Steam Locomotives British Railways Standard 2MT No.78019 (Facing South) Great Central Railway 8K/LNER O4 No.63601 (Facing South) London, Midland &...
  19. Nick

    Hornby HST