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    Possible photo ban on Glasgow Subway

    I'm afraid that this will end up to a decision that avoids anyone for bringing cameras inside the train station.
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    Deltic Scrapline Doncaster 1982

    It's nice to know that there were 5 of them was preserved. Thanks for the information neil.
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    Recommend me a camera!

    If that's the case, then my friend probably lie to me. I am not updated with that anyway.
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    46233 Duchess of Sutherland Scarborough Flyer 20/7/12

    Nice capture mate! It's clear to see that the train is in motion while photo shooting.
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    Flaming Eck!!! HST 43072

    I see. I was thinking of another reason aside from the 455driver's statement.
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    Flaming Eck!!! HST 43072

    What's the main reason of this fire? It looks like the train is not moving and blank.
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    Recommend me a camera!

    @Temple Meads, I could say that the price might be a little bit out of your range but I guarantee you of a quality results. My friend is using that one for almost 7 years and still she's not thinking of replacing it. I was truly amazed by her camera.
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    First attempts; any advice?

    Well done here @igloo! Congratulations on your first attempt.
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    Recommend me a camera!

    I suggest the Canon 7D camera. Aside from being affordable, it performs best.