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  1. brad465

    Long-term economic consequences of Covid-19 fallout

    Economic implications of the pandemic have come up in other threads recently so think a new thread is useful for this, as beyond how debt might be paid off, this hasn't really had its own discussion in recent months. Job losses and public debt mounting up have happened and will continue to...
  2. brad465

    Crop top made from Chiltern Seat wraparound cover

    Really unsure where to put this story but don't think here is wildly out of place:
  3. brad465

    Could Covid-19 end 'human exceptionalism'?

    Also know more formally as "anthropocentrism", I strongly believe (and other posts in other threads suggest similar views are shared here), that our response to Covid is human exceptionalism at its worst; the general definition is the argument humans are the most important entity, but arguably...
  4. brad465

    Will flooding aid/help spread Covid?

    We've seen plenty of flooding today and likely to continue in the next few days while residing. It's well known floods are among many disaster types that aid disease spread, and Covid could easily be amongst that, especially as social distancing during an essential flood response is in places...
  5. brad465

    Divide and rule: how bad is it and how can it be resolved?

    We already know from the whole Brexit situation that the country is divided and all the problems that come with that, but from experiences I've seen and heard, the whole pandemic is at least as equally divisive, but probably even more so. The area I see this as most problematic is with regards...
  6. brad465

    Bank of England possibly resorting to negative interest rates: A step too far?

    There's been speculation that the Bank of England is considering lowering it's interest rate into negative territory, which is backed up by news today they are contacting banks about the technical aspects this would involve: I can see several...
  7. brad465

    Maidstone-Rainham Rail Replacement buses: were they useful?

    Back in 2014, when regular engineering works blocked out the entire Medway Towns route between Sole Street/Strood and Rainham (during works to build the new Rochester station), I have fond memories of taking services that ran between Victoria and Maidstone East, calling only at Bromley South...
  8. brad465

    Spreadsheet error resulted in missing Sars-Cov-2 cases for track and trace

    Moderator note: Split from Some credit to the BBC this time I think for actually headlining the error rather than scaremongering the daily increase number...
  9. brad465

    New Job Support Scheme announced to replace Furlough scheme from 1 November

    Just coming in, with plans to cover wages for up to 2/3 of working hours for next 6 months: This image also from the live feed:
  10. brad465

    Oxted bay platform train access

    I couldn't find a previous thread about this specific query, but does anyone know why no set of points exist to allow a service to enter the (south/down-facing) bay platform (P3) directly from the up line? My initial thinking was the proximity of Oxted viaduct to the station prevents such a...
  11. brad465

    Local Lockdown - North East England

    Looks like we might have to expand this thread to include the North East soon:
  12. brad465

    Proposed Lorry park at Ebbsfleet International station

    Choosing the right forum for this was a choice between Infrastructure & Stations, General discussion and the Covid-19 section, but went for the former as this concerns the site of a railway station and a project not about Covid-19 (apologies if this isn't the right choice). I also couldn't see...
  13. brad465

    Bromley North Branch unit allocation future

    Today I used the Bromley North branch as the last part of the network a lone 2-car 466 operates on. From previous discussions 466s were granted a derogation to continue operating on their own on this branch until the end of the year, due to all other mainline classes (375, 376, 465) Southeastern...
  14. brad465

    Total UK recoveries (or lack of reporting this), does this statistic matter?

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything obvious on this specific subject already. We seem to be one of the few countries not to have updated recovery figures from confirmed cases (unless I've missed it somewhere). I remember around the start of the lockdown a...
  15. brad465

    Maidstone East Station redevelopment timescales

    Work started on the redevelopment here back in September 2018 from memory, but is still ongoing, where it took until earlier this month to close the through passage by the old ticket office, with the closure and temporary office set to remain in place until late 2020. Does anyone know if the...
  16. brad465

    Troublesome freight train on the Maidstone East line in morning peak

    During the morning peak a freight train from Dollands Moor to Daventry runs up the line in question, as 621Q leaving DM at 0707. This train is timetabled to run ahead of 2A16 0727-0908 AFK-VIC, where at Maidstone East the freight is timed 10 minutes ahead of the passenger service, then around...
  17. brad465

    466 departs Paddock Wood with lights the wrong way round

    After getting 466033 to Paddock Wood yesterday en route to Tonbridge, for some reason it departed the station, with the front lights on at the back still. Was this an operating error or is there a procedure that meant this was okay? I do have video evidence of this but the file appears to be...
  18. brad465

    Factors influencing what signals are replaced when

    If I was in charge of replacing railway signals, my natural instinct would be to replace all the oldest signals on the network possible within available budgets, then repeat this for each budget period. Ultimately this is not always possible, especially as major infrastructure changes that...
  19. brad465

    Elephant & Castle Platform lengths

    I've not been to this station very often before, but my impression is they are 8 cars long here, as I'm sure 8 car Networkers can call here on the peak Beckenham Junction workings to/from Blackfriars. However when I've got the 0853 Maidstone East-BFR (to Borough Green) before automated...
  20. brad465

    Dartford Carriage siding appears non-electrified

    On recent instances of passing through the Dartford area, it appears the 3rd (out of 5) sidings has no third rail. :s Given Dartford and the rest of the Metro area uses third rail to operate, does anyone know why this is? The rails appear rusty to suggest no recent use, possibly due to no third...