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  1. furgus2

    Go and sit in coach G

    I came across something new to me this morning upon boarding the 07.37 train from Glasgow Central to Euston on day 3 of an All Line Rover. No reservation was held by me as I intend to travel only as far as Carlisle. A member of the 1st class staff was going along and writing down all the...
  2. furgus2

    Failed freight train in Beattock area

    I'm on the 09.30 from Euston to Glasgow Central and have been at a standstill in the Beattock area for an hour due to a failed freight train just ahead of us. The TM has said that a loco is being sent to rescue the freight but is not likely to arrive until about 15.00. The following Edinburgh...
  3. furgus2

    Birmingham to Whitstable

    Advice needed, please. I have a Virgin 1st Advance ticket from New Street to Whitstable for tomorrow which has route: VWC & Connections. I have to travel on the 10:30 from New St to Euston arriving 11:55. The itinerary says I should go to Victoria and then go on the 12:52 from there arriving in...
  4. furgus2

    Rugby down fast

    Is there a problem with the down fast through line in Rugby? Watching trains yesterday from my hotel bedroom, all Down Trent Valley trains seemed to be routed via the island platform (2?). Today, I'm on the 17:30 Glasgow train and that was routed through the platform line too
  5. furgus2

    FGW Goodie bag

    I took delivery of this goodie bag/box this morning. A nice gesture from First Great Western. Enclosed card reads: "We're sorry your planned trip on the Night Riviera Sleeper has been affected by the recent floods. As a thank you for bearing with us, here is a little goodie bag for you to...
  6. furgus2

    Why are Class 43s nicknamed 'Trams'?

    I've looked all through a now closed thread on train nicknames and see that class 43 are nicknamed 'trams' but cannot find an explanation as to why this is used. Can someone please help me out here? Thanks
  7. furgus2

    Eurostar Address wanted

    My apologies if I'm putting this in the wrong thread. I see from the Eurostar web site that Nicolas Petrovic is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. However, wanting to write him a letter about some aspects of Eurostar services, I have not been able to find out the address of where he...
  8. furgus2

    Wolverhampton to Chestfield & Swalecliffe

    I have a 1st Advance from Wolverhampton to use next week. The route states VWC & Connections and Validity is Booked Train Only. It was issued as 2 coupons with just a reservation for the WVH to EUS journey. The online itinerary when booking listed a direct journey from Victoria to Chestfield &...
  9. furgus2

    Alr 1981

    I came across the first All Line Rover I ever purchased from back in 1981. A very different format of ticket from those days and, of course, several non-rail services included in the validity. I've scanned the ticket for members who are only familiar with more modern versions of a rover
  10. furgus2

    ALR problem

    I've just had a situation with a ScotRail conductor who has told me that my 14 day 1st class ALR (of which I'm on day 8) is not valid as I don't have a separate card with boxes to tick. In all the years I've been buying ALRs, I've never heard of this. He examined the rover plus all the...
  11. furgus2

    West Highland line closed

    Due to go south on Fort William sleeper this evening but the line is closed due to a landslide that has derailed a freight train somewhere south of here. We've been told we can spend the night in our sleeper berths buy no news as to whether there will be buses to transport us south in the morning
  12. furgus2

    VT 12:52 EDB to BHM 2/06

    Due to an earlier fatality in Leyland area, the set to operate the 12:52 has not arrived in Edinburgh. So, Virgin has chartered an East Coast set to take us to Carstairs where we will change on to the booked Voyager. It's northbound passengers will transfer on to the EC set. A good effort by...
  13. furgus2

    Scotrail refunds

    I travelled on the FTW to EUS sleeper on 21st September. Unfortunately, there were technical issues with the loco almost as soon as the train had departed Fort William with the first of many long stops. Clearly, the delay got worse and worse and, in the end, all the passengers were told at 4.30...
  14. furgus2

    Buying All Line Rovers

    I've bought and enjoyed using 1st Class All Line Rovers over the years and hope to have another 14 day ticket sometime in June. I have three questions which I hope someone can help me with. 1) Of the £990 it will cost, what proportion goes to the company which actually sells me the ticket...