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    Virgin WC ticket query

    Can any one tell me the difference between these two fares and why staff couldn't find the lower priced one? ticket.JPG Fare is for a single between Euston and Preston with staff travel card. One the SVS and one the SVH. The restrictions seem almost identical. Thanks! :)
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    Returning an unused ticket

    Evening all, A story from A to Z... I bought two Off Peak Priv Returns last month for a trip between London Euston and Lancaster at Norwich station on my debit card. I left the tickets in Norwich at my parents in error. By the time I realised this I had driven back to London and as travel was...
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    Kings Cross/Liverpool Street - Norwich

    There are 3 reasonable ways to get to London to Norwich in my eyes: Liverpool Street - Norwich via Ipswich (the usual GEML route) Liverpool Street - Norwich via Cambridge (the WAML route) Kings Cross - Norwich via Cambridge. When I look up the London terminals to Norwich online via BR fares it...
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    Using NR tickets on tube

    Morning. I've been wondering for a while whether there is a cheaper way for me cross London using my ATOC staff discount (or more specifically my wife as I have a TFL priv). When I use St James Street station and head to destinations Liverpool Street/Stratford etc we always get a priv...
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    St Pancras - Pau (France)

    Afternoon all. Around September i am thinking of taking a trip to Pau in south France to visit some friends. I'm trying to work out the best/cheapest way of doing this. I am rail staff so need to get some FIP vouchers ordered (I have a valid FIP card already) though I seem to think these can't...
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    Trivia: Station with most stops at other stations

    I might have made this sound more confusing than it should be. It might have been asked before. But anyway, while at Blackfriars, I noticed the SE services to Dover Priory, Ashford etc and realised that with the nature of the suburban and metro work you can get to a lot of different stations...
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    Brundall [BDA] - St James Street (Walthamstow) [SJS]

    Afternoon all. I'm trying to book a journey from Brundall to St James Street on 13th July with Senior railcard but the railcard doesn't seem to be applying any discount (booking it for my mum!) I've looked at Norwich - Liverpool Street or Norwich - St James Street but still can't get the...
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    5O29 Shepherds Bush - Streatham Hill

    A quick query about this service. While making my merry way round on a Sutton job today I saw an empties Southern 377 (which I believe must have been the above job) between Herne Hill and Tulse Hill on the Down Holborn. I have never seen a Southern unit on this section of track before and I...
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    What was it?

    What did I see come through Farringdon this afternoon, heading westbound maybe around 13.50hrs? It looked like it used to be Piccadilly stock (I say that because it had Piccadilly Line on the side!) but was fitted out inside with desks and maybe computer terminals (I think but I am pretty...
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    Fares query

    What route does this fare take? I found it on BR fares but the only LM/XC route I could think of would be going Euston to New Street by LM and then XC to Sheffield from there?
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    London/Paris to Madid return

    Been looking at using my FIP card to go to Madrid but find the whole literature from ATOC goes straight over my head! I've got plenty of colleagues who make these European trips so not sure why I find it so confusing but anyway...:lol: So, Eurostar London to Paris seems fairly straight...
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    SET high speed versus PRIV rate...

    I was looking on Platform this morning (the FCC intranet) at something else travel benefit related and came across this: I'm intrigued by the restrictions placed by SET on using the TOC priv card on peak flow services into/from St Pancras. While it doesn't affect me as I never use these...
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    What is this?

    Might be one out there for the Pway members but has anyone got any idea what these are for? It looks like some sort of relay/contactor and is attached to a length of rail (well two lengths bolted together) in the four foot on a non platform road at Norwich station. What does this piece of...
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    Greater Anglia only?

    Can this ticket between Hackney Downs and Tottenham Hale only be used on a direct GA service or am I also able to use it from Hackney Downs via Seven Sisters/Walthamstow Central and the Victoria line onto Tottenham Hale. I'm not sure what the ANY PERMITTED on this ticket actually allows.
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    Buying tickets before boarding

    If I take the train between two stations when the ticket offices are closed, I can't actually buy the correct ticket for the journey (PRIV rate), as the ticket machines don't sell PRIV rate tickets. For example, a journey such as Walthamstow Central - Hackney Downs taking place in an...
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    I'm thinking I already know the answer to this but... Is Leytonstone High Road (LO) to Leytonstone (Central line) allowed as an interchange? If it is (which I feel highly unlikely), how long do you have to make the walk?
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    07/05 - Greenford (South) Junction

    To satisfy my curiosity, can anyone tell me what I saw this morning between Greenford Junction and South Greenford station at 1154hrs? Having now looked at Google maps I reckon it was heading south towards Castle Bar Park station. I've tried finding it on OpenTrainTimes and must be getting...
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    PRIV London to Barnsley return 19/12

    Think this is going to be a bit difficult to make any cheaper but i'll gratefully take any suggestions! As above, I need to travel tomorrow from London to Barnsley tomorrow and need to be in Barnsley for no later than 1830hrs but cannot realistically leave KGX or STP before 1505. I am also going...
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    Another priv question...

    Afternoon. :) The straight forward bit: I'm wanting to head from London, up north to Bolton this weekend. Leaving anytime Saturday 20th (though ideally arriving around 15.00hrs) and coming south again on Sunday 21st around midday from Bolton. Ideally I need to get off at Blackrod on the...
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    SCAAT or GB?

    Afternoon all! Amazingly I have been invited to an assessment day with FCC later this month. I say amazingly because i've applied to so many TOC's through the last few years i'm genuinely made up to have got through the papersift this time! I've tried searching on the forum but can't seem...