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    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801)

    Did this journey Monday with family in tow from Kings Cross to Aviemore. Found the seats ok, but the wife didn't like them compared to a Pendolino we were on the previous day. The one thing that surprised me was the size of the counter - smaller than I imagined! I appreciate I'll be in a...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I've just done an Aviemore-Euston trip last night with my wife and 2 kids (10 and 8). The first time we'd used the sleeper (and don't use trains that often but am a big fan of using public transport where possible). We only had the seats, for the 4 of us it was £85 using a family and friends...
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    Coventry bay platform & second train per hour Nuneaton - Coventry

    & kind of related but not trains - Travel Coventry has extended some of their buses into Nuneaton as well so competing with Stagecoach !
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    Blackpool North: The most unfriendly station in the country?

    Having never visited Blackpool via train before I was lucky enough to go on an RTC Blackpool Peninne Express trip a couple of weeks back, seemed friendly enough and an efficient operation at the station.
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    Coventry - (London) - Aviemore

    thank you for the pics...all food for thought !
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    Coventry - (London) - Aviemore

    Thank you!! Will have a look at that. Hadn't totally appreciated you could pick it up at Crewe!!
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    Coventry - (London) - Aviemore

    Hi I was hoping someone maybe to offer some advice please as to the suitability of the Comfort Seats on the Calendonian Sleeper and children (10+8 - generally pleasant, well behaved and keep themselves occupied :D). We did via different split tickets earlier this year Cov - Aviemore and...
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    Important stations with no toilets

    We visited Llandudno on the train last Friday. I hadn't checked, so my own fault, but was surprised how early that station had closed for the evening and with it the toilets as well. Probably was naive expecting it to be open. Appreciate the thread title also and that this station had toilets...
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    Wells Harbour Railway

    Yeah Ive seen the website you mean now with a picture or Tornado on?? Does seem strange! Don't believe it is a current website as they list steam engines no longer on the line. It's all diesel steam outlines. From memory I think i think they do weekends only after summer hols but don't hold me...
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    Wells Harbour Railway

    You maybe looking at two different railways. Check the Wells Walsingham Railway website out - The harbour railway runs from the town to beach and that will probably be every 15 mins or so and take about 5 mins..
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    London Midland Service shown as a Sleeper

    Cheers thats the screen shot i was trying to upload as well. Glad it wasnt just me though!
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    London Midland Service shown as a Sleeper

    When I can I will upload a screen shot. However, trying to confirm last time of trains between Birmingham New St and Coventry for tonight. Last one looks to be 22.54, but a 23.14 showing as a sleeper service , just thought it sounded bizarre!!!
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    Coventry - Nuneaton Improvements Delayed

    It's more than just special events though isn't it and my comment wasn't relating purely to those at the Ricoh Arena, but, somehow it just seems wrong that it wasn't built when that area of the city was being developed, the Arena was supposed to have a green transport plan as such there is...
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    Station Codes

    I used to get the train to The Hawthorns daily for work via Smethwick Galton Bridge and if I didn't have a pass and the station wasn't manned, often I'd attempt to buy a ticket on the train, on occasions, I'd be at Galton Bridge and despite looking from Bham New Street they'd still not of found...
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    Coventry - Nuneaton Improvements Delayed

    The council seem more interested in selling their share of the Ricoh Arena and the surrounding land for redevelopment with alleged interested parties. I suppose this could all be part of a greater plan of which they may be aware i.e may be trying to get that investor to put money towards the...
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    Network Rail's New Station Fund - likely bidders?

    Nuneaton - Cov services are supposed to be using a new bay platform to be installed at Coventry so wouldnt get through towards Kenilworth/Leamington.
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    HS2 Northern Branches Discussion

    Being from Coventry i agree with that sentiment! There is significant green belt between Cov and Birmingham unlike say going north from Bham to Wolverhampton. A HS2 station at Bham International will likely result in an erosion of that with a clamour no doubt to develop around it - thus...
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    The London Midland Staff Shortage and Cancellation/Bustitution Thread

    I was trying to work something out with regards to the cancellations although noted it seems to be improving. On the LM website did these amendments also appear in the travel updates at the top of the homepage even if it were just a summary to advise checking the news pages? Guessing for the...
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    most expensive single fare on a bus between the shortest points and opposite

    I am sure I saw an Arriva (?) Malta bus on the M5 north heading to the M6 north, is that really possible ? Guessing probably (!) not really a long journey, but didn't want to start a new thread - why would it be there ?
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    Should public transport be free?

    Cheap or cheaper than the option of using your own vehicle ? Additionally in the context of travelling distance to work - in the past did many people live closer to work or is that just how i've perceived things to have been i.e teachers close to their schools, station staff close to stations...