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    Coventry - (London) - Aviemore

    Hi I was hoping someone maybe to offer some advice please as to the suitability of the Comfort Seats on the Calendonian Sleeper and children (10+8 - generally pleasant, well behaved and keep themselves occupied :D). We did via different split tickets earlier this year Cov - Aviemore and...
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    London Midland Service shown as a Sleeper

    When I can I will upload a screen shot. However, trying to confirm last time of trains between Birmingham New St and Coventry for tonight. Last one looks to be 22.54, but a 23.14 showing as a sleeper service , just thought it sounded bizarre!!!
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    Southern Metro

    Hi there What is a southern metro service please and how do I know if on one? Was curious as to when to use first class if standard is full - as i thought you could on those services, but have never been to sure when it is ok?
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    Random Coventry Station Question (just curious)

    I was on a pendolino from London to Coventry / Birmingham - didn't get the set number and can not remember the time (meant to ask last Wednesday) but it went into platform 4 at Coventry which is not something I have seen ever I think (but not to say it doesn't happen) - originally I think it was...