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    A Sheffield comedy

    Announcement: "Platform 2c for the late running 08.38 EMR from Liverpool to Norwich."Class 158. Platform staff: "Passenger will find platform 2c if they walk along 2b, then 2a."" Announcement: "Passenger for Norwich, use the front two coaches, as the rear two coaches will be detached at...
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    Sheffield Tamworth London

    I have a return portion of a London Terminals to Sheffield Super Off Peak code CJ and "via Chesterfield". The engineering work at Bedford means a 4 and half journey on MML. Can I use the ticket on Xcountry and LNWR via Tamworth?
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    Paris to Sheffield

    Can I book a ticket for a train journey from Paris to Sheffield in late September? Or I can't and I buy an Advance from St Pancras to Sheffield, will it be valid on a later train if the Eurostar is delayed?
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    Derbyshire Wayfarer and Peak/Off peak further travel in Manchester.

    My journey is a weekly day return from Bamford (at 10.40am)to Hazel Grove. The normal route given in journey planners is to change stations at New Mills. I use a Derbyshire Wayfarer ticket to travel from Bamford to New Mills Central. I continue from New Mills Newtown to Hazel Grove. I return at...
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    Bustitution, Do shortest distance rules apply?

    There are no trains between Stockport and Sheffield today. I can find no indication as to the route for the Rail Replacement Service. Last time the journey by bus was from Stockport to Manchester then Woodhead, M1 and Parkway(A 57). Twice the distance and two and a half hours! Today there are...
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    What are the contigency plans if the Hope Valley line is closed for a lengthy period?

    If Totley or Cowburn tunnels or one of the landslides in Edale was to close the line between Sheffield and Stockport for a lengthy period, are their any contingency plans? None of the road connections can take the traffic My last bustitute from Manchester involved a lengthy journey from...
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    Swiss Transfer Ticket ends.

    The Swiss Transfer Ticket cannot be booked next year and the last return journey will be in June. You can purchase your transfer ticket by the 30th December 2018 for future travel up to 30th of June 2019 (last return date).
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    Poynton to Sheffield on Saturday afternoons: can I go via Manchester?

    Is the Stoke Piccadilly trains' not stopping at Stockport on Saturday afternoons a permanent feature? I regularly travel from Poynton to Sheffield at this time, changing at Stockport to stand all the way to Sheffield. Are their any alternatives other than walking to Middlewood? Can I go via...
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    TPE - your survey today was biased to show you in a good light.

    Today at about 4pm I was ignored ...OK nothing new ... I was not asked to do a satisfaction survey of my train journey. Those sat down(in seats) were asked if they wanted to complete the survey, those of us stood up or sat in the corridors, vestibules, bike space, luggage racks(honest) were not...
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    Stations displaying a Station Evacuation Plan

    While waiting for the Kings Cross train from Low Moor I saw large notices entitled "Station Evacuation Plan" assuming every station would have one I passed by. A little later I read the instructions on display and realised that it related to a nearby chemical plant. Are their other stations...
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    Longest time/distance/difficulty expected to walk to make connection?

    Connections are advertised on the route between Sheffield and North Wales at Warrington on the Northern site. On another planner a 14 minute walk across a town centre is indicated between Central and Bank Quay. At what point is walking time/distance/difficulty considered too much?
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    Sheffield to Macclesfield journey: no itinerary offered on booking engines

    I want to get from Sheffield to Macclesfield as early as possible on a Saturday in the near future. Officially I can get there for 07:20. There is a service to Manchester Airport from Sheffield at 03:25 via Huddersfield and Manchester Piccadilly. There is a connection at Piccadilly for...
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    Is the Itenerary on a ticket binding?

    When trying to book from A to B via C in the UK the engine would not do it. However if I pressed "slower routes" it offered a purchasable ticket from A to B via D,E,F,G,F,E and C. i.e. it doubled back after going a hundred miles out to G and added 12 hours to the journey all for about £60...
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    Overcharging at Meadowhall

    1) When buying day return tickets from Meadowhall to Doncaster at 1400hrs, I was asked when I was returning. I said I did not know, but knowing that there is an afternoon peak for travel within SYPTE I said I would pay the 'excess' if I needed to. Subsequently found out that I had been charged...
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    Cannot buy 1st class Sheffield to Macclesfield ticket.

    I will be travelling from Sheffield to Macclesfield infrequently for several months. Why cannot I buy a ticket to travel first class despite there being first class seating available on TPE and XC trains?
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    No tickets available Stockport to Sheffield

    Sunday 17th When trying to buy a off peak return from Sheffield to Stockport/Macclesfield there were none available for purchase with a return on Sunday due to engineering around Stockport. Piccadilly to Sheffield trains do not call at Stockport but go non-stop via New Mills Central. If I buy...
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    Another Sheffield bus fire

    Another Sheffield bus fire- video from Sheffield Star- with advert
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    Axles and wheels seen heading on the M1 northbound (02/10)

    Fleeting saw a lorry carrying about 8 axles and wheels northbound on the M1 yesterday near Nottingham yesterday (2/10).- tramtrain?
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    Sheffield Supertram passing on RHS

    Currently Supertrams are crossing each other on Park Square bridge on the right. There may be times when both travel in the same direction in parallel. Due to the closure of the line between Univesity and Ponds Forge, the Cathedral crossover is unavailable. Blue route uses the south platform...
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    East Coast Rewards

    East Coast Rewards 1st class The conditions of travel say that no change is allowed. I have in front of me now an option to book a ticket that shows 1 change. Which is the "most" valid?