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    BTP 61016 still working?

    I have tried to use this twice over the last two weeks. Once on SWR having the misfortune of having my carriage turned in to a club/drugs den by a load of 14 year olds at Clapham Junction joyriding and doing Nitrous balloons on the Hounslow loop (later saw a 25 min delay on said train around...
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    Police checking travel

    Dear all On the 27/12/20 I encountered a couple of BTP officers at High Wycombe platform 2 (northbound) asking everyone where they were travelling and for what reason. One young man was given a face mask as he didn’t have one. Both officers were courteous and polite and I assume they were...
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    Platform 5 pocket books 2021 WHSmith station stores

    Just to let you know these books are now available at some WHSmith station stores. I just picked some up at Reading and they also had stock in Oxford
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    Ian Allan Waterloo to close

    Sad to report that the Ian Allan shop in Waterloo will close at the end of October
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    Haynes HST manual

    My local Works bookshop have just had this come in to stock today for £7. The rrp is £25 so a great saving
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    Guards - always a supporter but losing respect

    I am a huge supporter of staff on all trains walking through the train and doing revenue duties which is basically what a guard should be doing on non doo services (bar SWR suburban). I’m sure most of us will agree that ticket checks are pretty much non existent most of the time even on routes...
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    Can anybody tell me if the automatic ticket barriers are still in use at Coventry. I believe Virgin introduced them on a 6 month trial two years ago (I may be wrong) but as Virgin have not installed any others i was wondering if Virgin deemed the trial unsuccesfull? Thanks
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    New Northern signage

    So far i am aware of Cottingham, Manors , Ravenglass and Seaham having the new signage is anybody aware of any other stations that have been done also at the stations which have been done have Northern also put in place new information boards with Northern signage too or do they retain the old...
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    FGW penalty fare extension

    According to the FGW website the penalty fare system is to be extended to cover all routes The current scheme is basicly just the main section between Paddington and Reading covering all intermediate stations also included is Greenford the terminus of the branch from Ealing Broadway plus...
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    FGW addional 158s

    According to the First great western website the company will be borrowing 11 class 158 units from a sister company until they can lease more of their own. Does anybody know if they will be ex tp express or Scotrail ? Finaly some good news to come from the west.
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    Exeter St Davids and Plymouth ticket barriers

    The First Great Western website says that work started yesterday at Plymouth on installing automatic ticket barriers and they should be operational by the end of the week. Work on the Exeter St Davids barriers will apparently start next week.