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083 takes Timber Wagons to Limerick + a look back on this day 29.02.2008

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15 Nov 2007
Evening all,

Just one photo for the final day, and extra day of February 2012.

083 Inchicore - Limerick Timber Wagon Transfer.

As the 29th of February is a once in four years event, I thought it would be interesting to look back to 29/02/2008. It was a Friday and I spent a small period of time in Heuston during the evening peak. Some of the little snippets:

- EGV Dutch Van 1166 stabled at Heuston. The van was used for the transfer of MKIII coaches to/from Heuston and Inchicore.
- 201 waiting to depart with the 1705 to Ennis. This train was only operating to Limerick due to the flooding at Ballycar.
- 29000 DMU on the Kildare Commuter services.
- 224 worked the 1305 Westport - Heuston.

Four years later, all of the above is now history from the day to day scene at Dublin Heuston with the exception of 224, but this can now only be found on Dublin - Cork services.

All of the photos from that day are at: http://smu.gs/ykVnwh

The Wanderer.
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