11 day European trip - DE/CZ/AT/SI

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3 Mar 2006
Had a European trip from the 1st to 11th June covering a few bits and a couple of events, have only just managed to get the phots uploaded before my next trip which kicks off tomorrow!

German Phots: http://87015aewn.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/euro-trip-june-2012-part-1-germany/

Czech Phots: http://87015aewn.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/euro-trip-june-2012-part-2-czech-republic/

Austrian/Slovenian Phots: http://87015aewn.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/euro-trip-june-2012-part-3-austria-slovenia/

Each page also has the outline gen on what we did each day so I won't repeat the itinerary here.

Highlights were definitely the E69 around Koblenz, quite how a suggestion to take a 100 year old, four wheeled, single cab electric for a yomp up the mainline would go down here I can only imagine...!

The 661 and 664 thrash in Slovenia was very loud and the "maximum power" bellowing SZ guard on the tour was a riot, was complaining about the 0450 start at the time though.

I think CZ is an excellent place to spend time - even with no 749s - and the older electrics in 242s and single cab 210s :) are quite good enough for me, especially when you have such variety in other things to do. Its such a shame "goggles" 754s are silent as they look so very good!

As you'd expect also a couple of bowlouts...
110457 vice a DB 103 on the Friday on the booked 103 turn - grrr :lol:

Not getting (or even seeing) any loud 749s in Czech but it was half expected as the locos should have finished last year... Still a few curses thrown at 749253 (silent) when it rolled off shed on the Friday though!

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