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19 Jun 2005
Nowhere Heath
I awoke earlier than planned, eventually got to the station for the 1230, as far as Newport. £36.90 is exchanged, I then go on to find 43137 heading me out to Newport. This was the same set I used to go home on Wednesday! I board in 42314.

158850 pulls into Newport later, after I invested in a copy of entrain. The train is full of reservations, I eventually find a seat I could use for the time being and we were off. A group of 4 eventually find their seats (where I was sitting), 20 minutes or more after departing Newport! Lazy gits...I find an airline seat, not recommended.

I draw up 'The New Orange' (thanks go to Sprinter, TfL and some other sources for the idea), which I'll reveal eventually. This lot is being written from here on in.

Just realised I've not stated what this trip is for. After MUCH deliberation at work and home, I decided to use my holiday day to go chasing after a VST. Why'd I leave so late? A, I didn't go to sleep very early. B, the train I want doesn't leave for hours yet. C, I need more numbers, so peak times is best.

By now, (1600-ish), we're not that far from the OHLE (another song re-write there...). I was going to go via New Street to MP, but time was of the essence and I didn't know whether the 1408 would be held for our 9 down HST at BP. Plus I had some strange desire to go via the 'atchet Loin. Time to get some numbers.

Didn't get much til Stockport. Got my last FNW 323 on the approach to MP though! My room cost me a grand total of £63.50, as all hostels were booked due to cricket and football being on (neither I knew about). That VST is costing me a lot of money! Got a GM Rail Ranger, boarded the delayed (12 down!) 323 to Hadfield via Glossop. Ticked it off, as well as Dinting, then to Guide Bridge. No such thing as service from Guide Bridge to Stalybridge though, so it's onto another 323 eventually to MP.

I went to my hotel and checked in. It's quite lush! A bit of a break, then it's off to Piccadilly Gardens for a tram to Victoria, more numbers needed!

After getting bugger all at Victoria, I got another tram to Piccadilly. James suddenly surprises me here, then we spend around 2 hours spotting there. At 2358, I get a tram back to Piccadilly Gardens, then into the hotel bar for a pint of Guiness Extra Cold. mmm...It then dawns on me that the service I'd been waiting for was not coming as it was Friday...Never mind, got a few more numbers, the highlight being getting down to just 5 more 150/2s to see! BaaZING! :D

13/08 report coming soon (ie, when I can be bothered to put it up)
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11 Jun 2005
what time were you at newport dear FGWfan? just wondering if we would have passed whilst I was on my HST to cardiff - think I caught the 1225 off newport.
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